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♥ Heart and Soul ..



.. Always Lintertwined ♥

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Nick + Lin

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l Came Again Report | 04/11/2015 8:25 pm
When I think of Nicky number 78!

Wow! What a long day. But Linny's gotta work so hard if she's going to look her best and be all ready to see her handsome shining man bright and early! 20 days with danna-sama in pure heavenly bliss here I c**! ;p
l Came Again Report | 04/10/2015 9:51 pm
When I think of Nicky number 76!

Oh nicky! His name makes this Linny all tingly and happy! Just 2 more days to go and I'm back in your warm armsss!!!!! >////o/////<
l Came Again Report | 04/09/2015 6:25 am
When I think of Nicky number 75!

I'm just always all around happy to see him. I feel lost without my partner and until he gets home I'm not complete! I need my powerful sexy sidekick by my side, always <3 ~
l Came Again Report | 04/08/2015 12:50 am
When I think of Nicky number 74!

Linny gets so giddy talking about her man! Lin love love love love love love love LOVES Nicky!
SOOOOOOoooo much so that she wears her battery down too fast refreshing her phone for nicky msgs u////////////u
l Came Again Report | 04/07/2015 1:52 am
When I think of Nicky number 73!

Ugn Linny is such a loser! She isn't as awesome as Nicky when it comes to being on time. Linny gets so distracted and busy fiddling with trying to get pretty to be prompt! But she least Nicky is her main distraction and I think that is okay <3
l Came Again Report | 04/05/2015 8:19 am
When I think of Nicky number 72!

Coming home to him makes me so happy! I know he's SUPER exhausted ESPECIALLY when it's the weekend so I like to greet him with special things when I can! c;
l Came Again Report | 04/04/2015 7:00 am
When I think of Nicky number 71!

I always imagine him by my side when I am at my weakest..I will never forget when he wrapped me up in his jacket when I came down with a fever the first time we met. <3
A true HERO.
l Came Again Report | 04/02/2015 3:14 pm
When I think of Nicky number 70!

I know he is SO sweet supporting me and trying to get me to not stress about getting our amiibops. But he just doesn't know the light he gets in his eyes when he's holding one of our new babies. ILL DO ANYTHING TO GIVE HIM THAT LIGHT!! ANYTHING!!!!!!!! IMMA GET THOSE AMIIBOPS!
l Came Again Report | 04/01/2015 6:21 am
When I think of Nicky number 69!

He is my hero! I love watching him beat up all the opponents cause he's the best! He makes me so proud and I'm so happy he's on my side! No matter how dim the situation I ALWAYS have faith that my baby will triumph through it all !! <3
Marshu Report | 03/31/2015 10:36 am
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