Welcome messieurs and mesdemoiselles!
**This About Me is scrollable

I've been on and off this site (I go on hiatus often) since 2009.

You may call me Faith, Wolfie, or Abhorrent.
(formerly known as x-WoIfie-)
I do not accept or send friend requests often, so I must really enjoy talking to you if I accept/send one.
I am normally quite nice and love to converse, but I am a horrible conversation starter.

I'm in love with an idiot a wonderful man and could not be any happier.

I'm a Hobbit/LoTR/Silmarillion fanatic.(Anything to do with Middle Earth really)
I read and draw too much according to some.
What else is there to do in one's freetime?!
I'm very pale and my hair is made up of unruly curls most of the time. (sometimes I can tame them)
I also love Phantom of the Opera.
-Flautist -Pianist -Violinist

Text slang is a pet peeve of mine so I beg of you to try to reduce the amount you use around me. If I can not understand what you're saying because every word is in 'text talk' then I will most likely end the conversation there, especially if you continue using it after I've asked you not to.

If you have LOTRO and are on the server Gladden, add me:

The Dubliners - Song for Ireland
My taste in music usually consists of: Classical, Irish Rock, Celtic/Folk Punk, Opera, Bluegrass, and various songs of other genres (I could listen to the LoTR soundtrack over and over again until the end of time)

Please refrain from bothering me. I rarely come on here anymore,
and I do not wish to be bombarded with messages or requests when I do log on.

My face:
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

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