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You may call me Veil or Mask. Whatever floats your boat!
I'm two decades plus half a decade and three stitches! That's still young!

Here along with my pal, Jak. We work as a team and tend to cause pleasant mischief. We're writing under the Guild: Cαƒέ Dυ Ѕιlɧoυєttє., so check it out some time!

Welcome to my world of wonders. I'm comprised of writing, random music droppings, and engaging the world of make believe like it's my best friend. It's my partner in crime while escaping life's reality from time to time. In case those haven't figured it out already, yes, I am a woman hear me roar. I'm not one for getting on a personal basis, since I'm geared toward writing exercises and finding other random spazzes who are seeking to do the same thing.

There's a true passion for creating characters from scratch and molding them along the way through the many journeys, world-building and emotions you as a writer decide to drag them through. Their untapped potential, the nitty gritty, the turmoil and personal growth that comes from every day choices.

I would describe my writing style very simplistic in the aspect of taking the story in baby steps. Imagine, you're reading a novel, and in your personal mind bubble you can picture every facial expression, every action that is being put to play and "watching" a character come to life to where you can feel the emotion and see the inner thoughts that cause the drive behind the story. Like you're living in the shoes of a stranger but gradually learn them inside and out. That's what I love, that's what entertains me, that's what makes me tick. Now, I know it's not for everyone, but it's best to put out what's my nitch and roll with the punches because it's best to find compatibility and warding off those who aren't.

I take role'in very seriously and try to give my full potential in any plot I immerse myself in. Generally, I devote all of my free-time writing out each post to ensure there's something with flare, that drives a plot forward. I'm a wordy lady, I'll make no qualms about it. That's what makes me what I am and I'm not ashamed. At the moment, it's Cafe Du Silhouette and with the way that's going, I'm on board for as long as my compadre wants that ship to sail. Top priority.

A little ditty about myself: An avid lover of things that sparkle. A dress and shoe-o-holic. I'm girly to the core. A poet when reflective, a dancer when there's a beat, and believe me I can handle the heat coming off the street. Classy, spunky and witty. I tend to get down with my bad self watching ANIME, obviously.

An obsession of mine is Sex and the City. I just love it so's like a show that draws me in like a moth to the flame and I can't flutter away because that "like" doesn't make sense but it ensnared me, and you don't see me complaining! Mr. Big IS just... well, BIG!

I tend to be an easy going person that doesn't allow much to get to me. I'm just the "norm" in the nerdy realm. Taking my interests from anime to yoga, junk food to healthy, fast to slow, onion rings without the onion. I can make sense, when I want but I feel that would be no fun.

Hobbies, HOBBIES, I have those: Writing, Roleplay, bowling, listening to music full force, head banging (well, sort of), coffee, tea, books, anime, manga, walking with no destination, driving can be the same. Starry skies (and no, their not fireflies that got stuck up in that bluish/black Timon from Lion King tries to explain), rollercoasters...but, I could care less for theme parks. Dancing minus the to to's...what's worse is I probably spelt that wrong. Drawing with no idea in mind, just the abstract, the "what the hell" is this kind of moments. Professional is much too predictable. I guess that's a good looney start, huh?

Lover of words
Anime fan
Love a sense of humor
Life in the fast lane
Romantic at heart
Can be a loner
Take each day at a time
Black is black and white is white.
Love makes the world go round
Music is in my DNA

Cowboy Bebop.
Outlaw Star.
Ghost in the Shell.
Ghost Slayer Ayashi.
Strait Jacket.
Full Metal Panic.
Code Geass.
Gun Sword.
Witch hunter Robin.
Tiger and Bunny.
Samurai Champloo.

"Virtue has a veil, vice a mask." - Victor Hugo

Naughty Dog Jak