All the world is made of faith,trust, and pixie dust.<3

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My names Alexandria .Being Italian and Venezuelan Spanish Is my second language:) love being outdoors partying hanging out with people. I'm 19. Nurse :* baseball is my bitch. wanna know more message me !Living Life To The Fullest. My birthday's April 8th. College kidI can be really mean, or a total sweetheart.I probably will like you.Why yes, I do spontaneously break out into ninja moves. I love cookies.., so make me some boo?C;Ihaveze boobies so im obviously a girl;.

Not where I wanna be but I'm far from home
Just tryna' make it on my own
And unless destiny calls I don't answer phones
This is the line that I walk alone

Ƴσʋиɢ & Яɛcκℓɛƨƨ