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Equipped List

A Whatsit

"Through twilight, darkness and moonrise
My scarlet tears will run
As stolen blood and whispered love
Of fantasies undone"

"Fear me not my grieving King
Funereal in breath
The secrets of the dark I know
And thus, we shall cheat Death"

The lantern bearer lights the way
For those that no longer seize the day;
Blind eyes peer out of every head
That crowds the carriage of the dead.

Nor crown nor coin can halt time’s flight
Or stay the armies of the night.
King and villain, lad and lass,
All answer to the hourglass.

A miser thought to keep his gold
As shield against the coming cold.
But what cares Death for mortal gain?
He smiled upon the miser’s pain.

A gentle hand will help the Dead
To find the way to their last bed;
Who engineers the Mortal’s end
Will tell you he is man’s best friend.