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My name's Zach. I enjoy all of the following things, and the bolded ones are ones I can talk about ceaselessly).

Tabletop games (7th Sea and non-Forgotten Realms D&D settings especially), swashbucklers (Zorro, The Princess Bride, Captain Blood, and the Adventures of Robin Hood are my particular favorites, but I've seen tons more), film noir, point-and-click adventure games, books, writing, 1920s silent cartoons, 1930s and 1940s Looney Toons cartoons, 1990s cartoons (Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, etc.), animation as a whole, swing, jazz, blues, electroswing, N'awlins, voodoo, the 1930s, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, (most) Disney movies, fedoras, Sergeant Frog, Gravity Falls, Warriors Orochi, Dynasty Warriors, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Conan the Barbarian, Castlevania, Mega Man (Classic and Legends, mostly), Brave Fencer Musashi, Solomon Kane, Robocop, all sorts of punk genres, stand-up comedy, comedy in general, and comic books.

I enjoy tons more stuff, though. I'm basically a typical "90s kid," whatever that means. Anyway, I welcome any sorts of conversations, and I'd love to make some new friends! If you want someone to talk to, just hit me up on the PMs, and I'll pretty much sign up for any messengers you want me to -- if you should want me to -- since I use pidgin when I can, so it's not like I have to download anything.


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Misunderstood P E D O Report | 02/09/2013 2:04 pm
Misunderstood P E D O
Misunderstood P E D O Report | 02/09/2013 2:01 pm
Misunderstood P E D O
faerie graveyard Report | 02/09/2013 1:56 pm
faerie graveyard
that is a very strange comic in your sig lol
iamafreakingunicorn Report | 02/02/2013 6:59 pm
FIRST. I am a winner.


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PM me to learn facts and roleplay maybe?



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