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XantheXander Report | 09/01/2014 7:24 pm
Ahhh okay heart
BunnyEXE Report | 09/01/2014 8:24 am
Victoria Momo Report | 08/31/2014 8:00 pm
You're fascinating, doll. You can message me, if you want.
Victoria Momo Report | 08/30/2014 10:14 am
Well, darling, I can assure you that most of the outfits I wear are dominant in nature.
Victoria Momo Report | 08/29/2014 11:14 pm
Thank you, luv, but I should hope they all are. *smiles*
Victoria Momo Report | 08/29/2014 2:12 pm
My avatar also rarely stays static for too long.
Victoria Momo Report | 08/29/2014 5:26 am
Well, thank you, doll.
I should say the same of you.
Kakashi no Sensei Report | 08/27/2014 1:57 pm

I love your avatar.
BunnyEXE Report | 08/24/2014 11:45 am
Doki Doki My Doka Report | 08/23/2014 12:44 pm

-Showers in confetti,
jelly beans,
good things,
cups of coffee and joy,
and then poofs.-


How boring.

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Call me Taley! I'm probably not going to PM or friend request you, but I'm not gonna ignore you or turn you down.

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❥ Lesbian.
❥ 23 years.
❥ American.
❥ Free spirited.
❥ White/Caucasian.
❥ Non-Religious.

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❥ I am usually polite.
❥ If you need help with anything at all ever, PM me! I like helping.
❥ Unattached.
❥ I'm charitable, but don't ask. I give away things in my own time.
❥ Digital Imaging major!
❥ I draw..badly!
❥ I play piano..badly!
❥ I write..badly!
❥ I have no pets. ;;
❥ I'm actually pretty good at some stuff, but I don't know what.

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❥ I'm not a big fan of the male gender, but if you talk to me right I don't mind being a friend.
❥ I know. I can get strong and then sensitive. I still cry at things.
❥ I won't tolerate trolls. Piss me off, you'll be sorry.
❥ I don't enjoy being treated like an animal. No "petting" me.
❥ I dislike people that "purr" and rub against me. You're human, not a damn cat!
❥ I do tend to ramble about interesting things.
❥ I'm kind of a killjoy sometimes. Most everything is hilarious except for, like, four things...and those things are issues I prefer not to discuss out in public.

"Adventure" by Neotepid

Here, my dear, is a tale untold
Of a true, girl-crazy lover
She would go on forth without fail
And go scale the tallest tower
For, to her, a woman is unlike any other

The lass with the pinkest of hair
Jumped up and looked with a small gasp
She fixed her glasses and wiggled her ear
For now it is finally time alas
To save a maiden whose voice is so fair

Through ice and snow with kitten beside her
Pass the mountains of death and grass valleys
Battled to the death against grand monsters
Spoke to and accompanied by fairies
She marched forth towards her prize through the fire

Finally, she came across sweet damsel
This adventurer expected so much glee
Alas, she went through such a grave trouble
For it be a man, so she took a knee
And cried tears of sorrow, dreams in shambles

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