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Birthday: 12/25


Oh Hallo! Ich bin A Sentimental Daydreamer! Ich spreche Deustch, und Englisch!
Lucky for you. ^_^
Honestly, I speak very little German ._., so do not expect a conversation out of me :c Maybe a "hello", and a "how are you?" It is very sad, I know, :c but i will learn!
For those of you that do not understand "Ich bin ein Berliner," it is only a joke. Infact, it means I am a Jelly Donut..! yummy_smilies/icon_donut.gif

Somethings I enjoy include:
♥ Bubble tea with Boba
♥ Animals
♥ and Drawing

Anyways, I am an Olive,but if you prefer nicknames, it is Katie. I started playing Gaia in 08', and here I am now! It makes you feel old, no? I am currently a Senior in High School, and I am 19 in September. Lucky me. I like to play Mabinogi, and if you are ever searching for me, I am Silverluna of the Mari Server. Unfortunately, I rarely ever get on my Mabinogi account, and just as rarely you will see me on Combat Arms and its name is, also, Silverluna. I, also, have a skype, but you must get to know me, bitte? I do not need creepies on my list :c! Anyways... I enjoy Avatar Art, specifically freebies c:

If you would like to know more about me, send me a message, or become my friend... after the message. Don't send a friends request if I do not know you! Please private message me first. Do not be afraid of me. I do not bite! I am very friendly, so you will not have to worry about me being mean, especially if you hate mean people!
Have a very nice day! ^_^
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