Hello there. I'm Rachel. I'm 16. ;] I'm a Junior in High School. And those are the Basics.

Anyways, I'm a literate Role Player, I love to play video games, whether they be First person shooters, 3rd person fighters, or ORPG's. I have a lv 80 Tauren Druid. smilies/icon_razz.gif ....On a private server.

My favorite Video Games right now are

> Monster Hunter Tri
> WoW
> Super Smash Brothers
> MW2
> Rock Band/ Guitar Hero
> Spyro
> Aion
> Guild Wars

I'm also an Anime Geek. :] I go to a con or two a year if I can afford it. But I always make sure I hit Anime Boston. I also cosplay~ Last Year was Nyu/Lucy from Elfen Lied. This year, hm. I dunno. I also hit Conneticon and was an anbu black op with my besty. Ideas? Thinking pok'emon Cosplay or D Greyman charry. Who Knows. Top Animes listed Below

> Princess Resurrection
> D Greyman
> Inuyasha
> Soul Eater
> Fairy Tail
> Claymore

I'm also [Questing]. Go send me some love and makes my dreams come true? Donators who give me 50k or more, and those who give me art, get signs. :]

My hobbies include writing, drawing, getting intro trouble with some awesome friends, reading and watching manga and anime, playing video games, and dragging my friends out to buy sexy kinds of underwear.

I leave out on that note. I enjoy random PMs/Comments. Thanks for reading!

If you care about roleplaying, welp, I'm very much into it xD;

That Theres Amie. She's my OOC. I love OC art. Hook me up with her in normal clothes?


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Herro theyaaa :3
Fighting Fefnir

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Fighting Fefnir

Hey, you remember that time when I was all like "You can't spell" and you were all like, "You can't post"?

Guess what.

I totally did.

Yeah. Suck on that. lol.
Fighting Fefnir

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Fighting Fefnir

So I super lulz'd when I saw the last pic of Amie and noticed that she's apparently got an extreme longevity for how thick a liquid she is.

Vicious, not viscous, love. XD

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cool avi

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Thanks for the buy! mrgreen

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Can I post on your profile?

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cool avi

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Might do it o.o

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Nurgle's children, our pretties, our pets...

What Private Server are you on? WoW, that is.

How Nurgle loves his little children, how Nurgle loves his little pets!"
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Your picture distracted me. Out of common courtesy, I had to tell you that you are quite a pretty girl.


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