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I'm usually a Paw user, but now and then I do revert back to male base to piss off my friend..

- I'm a grill, that rather uses a male base because why not? I use Paws base anyways that is 900% female items for paws....

- Korean boys overall whether it's esports or kpop is my allergies....

- Esports is my mental illness

- Vidya games are my addiction

- KPOP/JPOP is my craving (( my music taste is questionable... 200% of the time ))

- Anime is minimal trash

- Art is undertale + souls series mixed together.

[MV] 하이라이트(Highlight) - 얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요 (Plz don't be sad)


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These two little shits ruin my life

전정국. '97 line

한왕호. '98 Line

SK Telecom T1