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Truly Cami

Calk and Aca is the best bunny / chipmunk ever.

" Calkedos: I feel like I need to screenie every heart you and aca give me.

Calkedos: because why the ******** not. "

" Acadine Oblige: I can s**t that "

" Calkedos: you oprk "

" Calkedos: i'm a pretty ********' cute nugget "

" Anikacy: oh you havent seen the things i have done with the pole "

" Anikacy: cami pls these hands do more than play guitar ;] "

" Surly kitty: was not chesting

Acadine Oblige: She was chesting up Krat, Cami "


Calkedos: that means I'm violating your belly button


Exploding Periods: Please. Stop. you're making my belly hurt.

Calkedos: Well I mean your username is Exploding Periods.

A la Cami: Makes my v****a hurt. "

" AntiPolite Gary : I have sexual fantasies about clowns... "

" pippin 123: Hey Liana... you're so beautiful that um- wait let me think. "


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Hi stalkers,
I am known as "Cami," and I am property of Calkedos.
I like to read bad fanfiction with Pip and Henry.

" Shrek could feel his heart pounding as Henry spoke.
Before he could stop himself,
he leapt at Henry and threw his arms around his neck,
kissing the brave Man on the Booty. "

" Henry looked at his beloved Shrek and immediately felt his cheeks turn a deep shade of red.
He turned away, hiding his embarrassment.
Shrek cupped Henry's cheeks and he looked lovingly at him and he whispered,
"This is my swamp." And he placed his lips on Henry. "

There's not much to say.
I'm just another Stereotypical Asian Chick that likes to do a lot of things.
Such as dance, cosplay, read, and create / listen to music and things.
I very rarely write now- but I still do it at times-
although my sense of humor is pretty dark at times.

I am a Typical Girl addicted to gummies and ribbons / bows.
I like tea and coffee equally.
I don't know how to handle a compliment.
I don't appreciate when you pick on my friends.
Usually, that's the only time you will see me angry-
unless you're just a huge douche.

I am a human being.
__ years of age.
My birthday is September 14.
I am a Virgo.
I do not appreciate drama.
I love to laugh though- so make me laugh?
I'd love to make memories and inside jokes with you.

I may be extremely timid at first,
but I promise I won't bite.
So if you have any other questions- just ask.
Don't be a stranger, I love to make friends.

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