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Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 8:16 am
Reminds me of myself, I started education when I was like 12 cause education in England is ******** horrible sometimes and my school was so bad it got shut-down. So I always struggle but I really want to learn so I just keep trying.

Got me pretty far in the end. I moved to NOrway when I was 12 so much better education here.

And I find that challenging yourself helps anxiety.
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 7:51 am
You seem really intelligent, perhaps too intelligent to be a childrens teacher but I respect that.

I could teach after I get my masters but I think I'd prefer to work in space agencies and then inspire people and help them learn physics in free time, could be anything from school visits to documentaries.
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 7:39 am
Oh wow, are you at uni doing psychology or?

Sorry I have really bad memory so if youve told me before don't take it personally, I forget everything over and over again.
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 7:33 am
AHa yeah I have a lot to do and im kinda ******** it soooooooooooo tired just wanna go to bed

I hardly ever sleep :/ What are you studying
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 7:20 am
Studying being crumpy cause headaches. You?
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 6:31 am
In 30 mins? Ye I'll be here.
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 6:11 am
LOL. Well honestly I think I'm trustable and I know I'm not the only one in the GD I guess I'm just a bit sick of it all.

I think it's a psychologically ******** up mess of a place but I still go there, so I guess that says something about me.
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 5:57 am
Yeah kinda a given for me, natural now to observe and over-analyze whether I like it or not.

Always love programming, space and physics. Decided to combine 'em and do something cool. Not really the type to settle down with an average boring job.
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 5:45 am
Nothing. I just learn.
No discovering.
Astrophiliac Report | 12/03/2013 5:41 am
Just lots of physics right now, next year it'll be rocket science, literally.

are you as nice on the inside as you are on the outside ?

my name is Mickey.
I live in Denmark.