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That little devil,
all it does is whine,
meowing at my door,
then falling asleep at nine,
it sleeps on the floor,
and I hear it snoar,

That little devil of mine...
Is already up at dawn,
It's clawing at my feet,
as I stretch and yawn.

I know what it wants,
I'm just a convenient butler,
(I have to admit, I'm good at it, I never mess up or fluster)
It's piercing meow hits my ears,
Lord, I've done something to piss it off,
I'll be hearing this for all my years.

However, I got a special surprise,
For her royal highness,
And I have to admit, it's not an idea of mine,
I saw it on the television,
One night of sleeplessness,
And a light bulb lit up,
My smile turned devious.

Tonight's the night I put my plan into action,
I have no sympathy for it,
No compassion.
That little devil of mine meowed at my door,
Pushed it open, then hit the floor.
It ran out soaking wet and crying,

I stood triumphantly, water gun in hand,
Looking at the result, of my brilliant plan.
A kitty that doesn't show their master love,
Is A kitty, that cries blood.
-Forever V-Kei