l K U M l
A G U R I shokka

Welcome to A G U R I Shokka's proffy

You can just call me aguri for short. I played gaia since
2011 but somehow I lost my old account and took on a hiatus
for 3 years and continued playing last year. So many changes
in gaia. This account used to be named as Kuromakkuro
but I got bored of that name and replaced it with aguri
which means modern.

I don't like picking fights or arguing in useless
debates. Well, unless if someone started it first.
Anyway, I'm really friendly but I don't talk much, I'm
just a good listener

I love to draw! I've been improving my drawing skills this year.
Im still 15 btw...
Well, that's all, feel free to pm me!

This is my Ikumi

8 months younger than i am

we study at the same school