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About Aurelia

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Aurelia is a slimegirl alien babe.

She's been very sheltered her entire life, due
to her father's position as an ambassador for
her home planet, but now that she has some
freedom, she leaps at adventure on various
planets, often escaping her (also a slimegirl)
bodyguard. She's curvy and energetic and
sees the good in people. She's a bit naive
to boot, which often lands her in trouble.

She really likes curry, even though it makes
her slime a gross green. It's a guilty pleasure.

Art to the left by Autumn Plains
Art to the right by K4ND4

About Fae

Gonna get the important stuff out of the way first, like the fact that I'm a girl and old enough to buy alcohol in the US. I'm not particularly interested in talking to people under 15 - if in that age group, please don't talk to me, I'll feel gross.

Second - and I hate that I have to actually put this here - I'm not interested in guys other than for friendship.

Third: I'm a huge dork about stuff. Said stuff includes Pokemon, Gravity Falls,
Harry Potter, FFXIV, and OCs. I absolutely love discussing OCs.

Fourth: I love random PMs and convos. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm also
good at listening.

Song of the Yandere


Art by Silhh