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About Bram harl Amalyoch

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Bram harl Amalyoch is a half-Drow in a modern-day world with Dungeons and Dragons races. He's the villain of a supernatural crime novel that I'm writing (at a glacial pace, but still).

He has a Doctorate in an obscure field, and he's very cagey about what that field is. He's a very good liar, and convincingly plays normal to both the investigative team that's looking into a string of gruesome murders and to his old friends. Bram is secretly hearing what may or may not be whispers from old gods telling him to slaughter those who would prevent their worship and return (Spoiler: he totally is, and it's kinda driven him batshit crazy).

Bram has a pet spider that he's fed only human flesh from those he's eliminated. It's name is Widow. He's an academic, not a creative writer.

He sounds like the lead singer of this song.

Etoile Delacroix and her Cards

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Etoile is a magical girl that can summon the spirits of an antique deck of playing cards. Each face card has a summon that has a different personality, and has different abilities.

More information can be found at the links below.

The Jack of Diamonds (Diamante Cartier)
The Jack of Spades (Alois Marlow)

About Illithia

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Illithia is a teenage eldritch monstrosity. She’s stuffed herself into a semi-human form at the moment. When she's out in the mortal eye, she looks sort of normal, but slightly wrong, an uncanny valley sort of dealio. She's currently attending this fancy school down on Earth and she’s got her eye on a generic as hell classmate. Unfortunately, her idea of flirting is giving this poor kid existential terror and horrible sleep paralysis.

Every time this happens, her classmate is having thoughts along the line of "Okay, this can't be because of the new girl, right? RIGHT?” Illithia is entirely in "senpai notice me" mode. Meanwhile, her father is like, "JUST EAT HIM, STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD."

Her voice is slightly sinister and melancholy. Her voice sounds very similar to this.

Art by A Fae Nightmare

About Aurelia

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Aurelia is a slimegirl alien babe.

She's been very sheltered her entire life, due to her father's position as an ambassador for her home planet, but now that she has some freedom, she leaps at adventure on various planets, often escaping her (also a slimegirl) bodyguard. She's curvy and energetic and sees the good in people. She's a bit naive to boot, which often lands her in trouble.

She really likes Indian curries, especially Tikka Masala and Korma, even though when she eats it, it makes her slime a gross green. It's a guilty pleasure.

Her voice has a bit of an echo as well as aslight autotuned vibe. Her voice sounds very similar to this.

Art by Autumn Plains

About K1-55

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K1-55 is a female-presenting android. She was built to help hopeless people find love, and she's good at it - she's never made a failed match! K1-55 shoots people with her "Rabu Rabu Raygun", a gun that will compel people to do certain things to make sure the wheels of fate (and love) run smooth. Nobody knows who made her, but people have suspected that the gods of love have gone into manufacturing...

She sounds like the first singer in this duet.

About Fae

Gonna get the important stuff out of the way first, like the fact that I'm a girl and old enough to buy alcohol in the US. I'm not particularly interested in talking to people under 15 - if in that age group, please don't talk to me, I'll feel gross.

Second: I'm a huge dork about stuff. Said stuff includes Pokémon, Gravity Falls, Harry Potter, FFXIV, and OCs. I absolutely love discussing OCs.

Third: I love random PMs and convos. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm also good at listening.


Ok, like, Team Skull is probably full of kids angry at the world for putting them down for various reasons. maybe some were abused, some were thrown out for their sexuality/gender, or even some were just plain abandoned or neglected. It’s heavily hinted that Guzma was abused as a kid, and i have this feeling that Guzma is angry at the world because of that guy with the bent golf clubs if ya get my drift.

…what if Po Town and Team Skull was our boy's attempt at finding a home for kids in that situation?

I’ve made myself cry.


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