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The Little Blue Noble Report | 09/08/2014 12:15 pm
The Little Blue Noble
( its all good babe! I understand that happens to me as well sometimes haha! XD seems you have been busy! What are you doing anyway? Is it your job or college? And yes! For me as well! California is now having some rain now and lil thunderstorm. Its a lil too early though but i cant stand the heat! Loool! X3 ive been good too. Been focusing on my body more because i weigh 125 but on a hardcore journey to weigh 105. I got done working out in the morning and will be going to the gym at night. Sooo ive been with that as well as my film. ^^ ohhh and watching Tokyo Ghoul cause me gusta~ * v *)
The Little Blue Noble Report | 09/07/2014 11:32 pm
The Little Blue Noble
(hey sweety we haven't talked in a while! came by to check on ya~ how are you?! ^^ )
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/15/2014 9:19 pm
The Little Blue Noble
(LOOOOOL!!! XD oh my god I love coke! since u mentioned it! lol!!! hahahahaha!!! you are soooo funny! my god seems you are a really good writer and u can express metaphors totally well. I love it!! yes a butler would! rofl omg sooooo are you 22 or 23 yrs old??? ^o^ am I guessing right? god I hope so! this feels like jeopardy! lol! really?? damnnnn~ I wish I can meet u in rl and we should go clubbing! but then one of us needs to drive. ;__; seems we both don't wanna. oh I know! we will call a taxi yes!!!! rofl

awww thank you!!! ^^ that sounds great! I cant bake for s**t but I do admire others who can. I rather be the stand by and watch it all go down! XDD YES! they say it does but if they do something to u first ur their karma! lol! YES ONCE AGAIN!! I AM A DEATH NOTE FAN!! OMG I LOVE IT TO DEATH! its one of my top 10s! why I sound like light yagami or something?? LOOL! I love light and L. heart

awww no problem! lol! and like im sorry I didn't reply right away cause I fell asleep~~ xDD )
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/14/2014 10:21 pm
The Little Blue Noble
( dawww ~~ gosh thank you!!! X3 refreshing like coke yo ! Lol jk jk! Haha! I know what u mean. Bullying has gotten worse though when i was younger now online ppl take advantage it more since they hide behind their computers. Its soooo stupid. Gosh. Makes me wish i had a real demon butlet n id order him to go n haunt that motherfoe for a week. XD
Omg no ways!!! LOOOLL!! How much do u drink?? XD im probably a baby compared to you! Lol! Im 21 how old are you? Lol
Yea honestly when you think about that, your father wouldnt want that at all. Any parent wants the best for their children and a parent would never want their child to commit the same mistakes they did. You seem like a tough cookie. Staying strong. You go and stay that way kk!! Living is much more delicious than to not live at all. Thank you. I knw their in a better place n it showd me how much i need to set an ex for others to see beyond that solution you get me? Lol )

Omg your the 1st person who didnt bash on me for saying that !!! Lol or saying no revenge is wrong but man excuse my french ******** it feels better to be the bad guy sometimes than being the good guy all the time! Eye for an eye grrrrr~~!! >.> well lie! Lol! Be all yea i cheated too! Now we r even! Walk away n dont look back!!
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/14/2014 9:51 pm
The Little Blue Noble
(well don't feel sorry for me ok for myself being that big, I mean it in the nicest way because I blame my stubbornness for not listening to my mother to watch myself till I finally did which it counts! lol! xD But still if I would have listened to her earlier, I wouldn't have gotten bullied soo much. lol! but that's all down the poo poo toilet. BLEH! xd That's ok to be a slow reactor you are calm. I am a lil hyper~ as you may notice. lol ohhh really?! wow! I cant sleep for too long but if I have a hung over from an awesome party yes I wake up like at noon. cool its bad because then I have a headache but then I say to myself, did I have fun? yes. that's all it matters!!! ^o^ How bad do you get depressed thou? its not extreme right? ninja

Really? I am sooo sorry to hear about that. I have lost friends who have committed suicide and a few who I never really spoke too but I should have now are gone. and when you think about those moments where you should have talked to them at least when your gut told you, its like wow I should I have done it. I hope everything is good for you right now then the past. I feel now silly for saying to laugh about it when yours was more intense and no you shouldn't laugh about that. sweatdrop but now I know. Hey men are stupid. they all are. stare this is gonna sound evil but please bare with me, if a man cheats and u know about it, you do the same. An eye for an eye my friend. )
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/14/2014 9:34 pm
The Little Blue Noble
(I know that was a strange story. D: I am weird in that part~ yea I laugh at my fat days! xD in real life when I story tell them my experiences people laugh. some try not too but im like go head be honest LOOL your life away. xD hahaha! That's good. same here! I don't care how you look like. if we can both have a decent mature conversation then we are good! x] Oooo~ really? xD for me I like the sour stuff! lol! my tongue totally changed! and yes sleep is totally good but if you are 18 and older you only need 6 hrs of sleep did you know that? when you are a lil kid you need 11~ when I found out about that I was like get out of town! no way! no wonder I am only 5.0 in height. emotion_donotwant Really? wow! so how many hours do you sleep? I have a friend whos the same way and only sleeps for 4 hrs. when the sky is awake shes awake.

what did happen to you before if I may ask? you mentioned how you were really trusting. what happened? )
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/14/2014 9:08 pm
The Little Blue Noble
(omg yes I know! But its something people need to see! you know who to trust and not trust. And its ok, we all learn from things in our lives. and yes it can be hard to laugh about it, but in the end when you think about it, you will laugh like for example, let me make you laugh. lol! you can totally go "LOOOL" or "LMAO" on what I am about to tell you. right now I am going to make of fun of myself on how I used to look like in the past, and you can laugh. lol! I allow you because when im typing right now, I am laughing. I have never told this story to anyone besides my other seb buddy on gaia who laughed her head off when I told her my past. When I was younger, I was over weight and I literally looked like a fat lesbo! no lie! I look back at my pics and im like why the hell was I a freaken couch potato! omg! XDD LOOL! and I used to eat my life away~ like dust blowing in the desert and no one will ever remember there was that dust in the wind. Boys would be like "EWWW its Stephanie~~ (that's my name!)" and id just shrug my shoulders and say to myself wow im gross. And then I would go back and eat my hot cheetos and be that kid who would stay after lunch to have more food when the lunch ladies wanted to get rid of it. But that was my past as a couch potatoe fat Snorelax like pokemon who rather sleep all day then to run outside!XDDD

Okay that story is true! everything is true and I explain it funny because its the past and I already am farrrr beyond that now so I like to sometimes add a little comedy about myself. as weird as that sounds. Anyway~ loool! yes! it has happened to me and other friends have experienced that too. its totally ashame but then im like wow~ good to know who my true pals are now. REALIZATION! lol! )
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/14/2014 8:41 pm
The Little Blue Noble
( tooo many compliments! dawwww~~~ xD I try to be as direct, honest, and nice about things! I don't like to be unhappy and show people and make others feel that way so others can feel the same! That's like saying they want me to die and feel the same shame! When you get to know me a little bit more I am very cool about things and like to talk about things if they need to be solved or just conversation like right now! ^_^ You seem like a totally nice person too. I can tell~ and that's great! oooooo~ I know! xD sometimes you just feel like you want to hit the living crap out of it sometimes! rofl better to walk it off! I do that too but then I laugh about it since its not good to be mad all the time.

Omg that was like totally poetic! jesus! XD lol! I love it! yes exactly! That's why those people in the end stay where they are because they aren't nice and good people. You can totally feel the vibe when you are around a person like that. When you are in a group and you are wearing for example the prettiest dress they have ever seen you wear and NO ONE compliments, ohhh its jealousy straight up. )
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/14/2014 8:18 pm
The Little Blue Noble
(Gosh its not hard too! xDD when I suck at something i'll just straight up say it "guys I suck! we have a problem!" hahaha! Yeah! I have seen those guide about how to like layout your profile but then again I don't have the patience to follow much of it...... ninja hehehhe~ ^^;; in the end, I'll ask someone who has the skills or my sister who is better at doing things online. Ahhh~ its no problem! I think everyone should hear a compliment everyday because you know, it makes a person feel good. lol I know it makes me feel good so I believe others will feel the same for sure. Lets all be nice to others! lol no matter what! )
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/14/2014 5:00 pm
The Little Blue Noble
( ooooo~~~ see i wish i was smart enough to do that. XD im going to be honest im so dumb with computers its not even funny! Seems everyone knows how to make a pro and im like whaaat! Lol how??!! I bet it took a while! Especially trying to read the codes n figuring out where the urls go n all! Great job! )

With this mark...

I'm just one hell of a butler.

Join me in a slightly more informal setting, won't you?


Let me introduce myself...


I suppose it is customary for one to introduce oneself with a proper summary, which I will present to you now. A Phantomhive butler who cannot do this much isn't worth his salt.

I am Sebastian Michaelis, butler of the young Lord Phantomhive.

... Hm? Yes, that is all. Certainly a detailed description of a servant isn't necessary, wouldn't you agree? No? You want more? Ah... well, there is one thing I'm sure you'll find in due time...

I am one hell of a butler.


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I've received an enormous amount of gifts in such a short amount of time. This is my feeble attempt at listing my wishlist items and who donated them. I apologize if I've forgotten, or listed the item as an anonymous benefactor... I've had so many. Please do remind me.

♥ Silver Prince's Rapier: Lyre of Autumn
♥ Enchanted Strings: Lolita Ciel Phantomhive
♥ Rose Shower: Anonymous Benefactor (?)
♥ Long-Stem Red Rose: Anonymous Benefactor (?)
♥ Winter Rose: Royaume de Ciel
♥ Grandiose Imports: Lyre of Autumn
♥ Death Whisper: Royaume de Ciel
♥ Shadow Spirit: Royaume de Ciel and Forever Ciel Phantomhive
♥ Thank You Gift: Anonymous Benefactor (?)
♥ Bear Pajamas: Anonymous Benefactor {?}
♥ Aerial Ribbon Dancer: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Throwing Knives: Anonymous Benefactor (?)
♥ Dashing Gentleman Dress Shirt: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Nitemare Chair: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Masquerade: Lolita Ciel Phantomhive
♥ Everybody's Reprise: Royaume de Ciel
♥ Dashing Gentleman's Onyx Sash: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Elegant Black Satin Vest: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Anesidora's Woe: VioletCrypts
♥ Cardshark Bands: VioletCrypts
♥ Ace Meow: Vigilia
♥ Ace Meow: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Kaya the Cat: NewMoonDrop
♥ BuBu Kitty Plushie: Royaume de Ciel
♥ Scarlet Rose: Lyre of Autumn
♥ Kokutan the Demon Cat: Lolita Ciel Phantomhive
♥ Malice Punk: Misae-Momma
♥ Matao the Demon Cat: VioletCrypts
♥ Charon's Vessel: ichijora
♥ Sebastian Michaelis: Kisshusgirl
♥ Hidden Ace: ichijora
♥ Silent Night: ichijora
♥ Checkmate: ichijora
♥ Homeroom: ichijora
♥ Malice Punk: ichijora
♥ Vampire Hunter Hat: ichijora
♥ Long-stemmed Blue Rose: Harmonnia
♥ Count's Vengeance: lydia oUo
♥ Nightmare Chimera: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Astra-71: Foggy Night: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Astra-70: Bloodstain: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Ever After Curse: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Ordinary Elevator: Not-so-Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Fantastical Journey: Not-so-Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Hazardous Accidents: Not-so-Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Y Paddle: Crazed Confession

May I have this dance, My Lord?


The butler has returned.

After an extended leave of absence, I've decided
that the timing is impeccable for my return to Gaia.

Life is filled with unpleasant experiences, and afterward,
memories. One can never truly be rid of them...
but to let them haunt you is to admit an infinite defeat.

I will not lose. My Master forbids it.