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Desutinizu no kodomo Report | 02/09/2017 11:03 pm
Desutinizu no kodomo
*hugs* heart thank you for the gift Sebastian ^_^
Desutinizu no kodomo Report | 12/26/2016 12:38 pm
Desutinizu no kodomo
I wish you the sa:h heart eart:me Sebastian. ^_^ thank you. heart
Desutinizu no kodomo Report | 12/26/2016 11:32 am
Desutinizu no kodomo
*hugs* thank you for your gift Sebastian. Happy Holidays to you too ^_^
Vigilia Report | 08/19/2016 6:21 pm
No, i suppose our advancements in absorbent materials has not achieved the amount that you require.
Vigilia Report | 08/19/2016 6:03 pm
oh my....
someone should do something about that~
Vigilia Report | 08/19/2016 5:57 pm
o 3o
what is all this blood.
Claude Faustus Report | 08/07/2016 8:43 pm
Claude Faustus
Ahhh I see. *nodds* I am out for a midnight saunter, would you care to join me? *Offers his arm*
Claude Faustus Report | 08/07/2016 8:22 pm
Claude Faustus
Good evening Michealis. How are you doing?
Claude Faustus Report | 08/07/2016 8:08 pm
Claude Faustus
*throws a Slime your way*
Dooei Report | 07/26/2016 4:24 pm
Aw:3 anytime heart and thank you:3

With this mark...

[i:982f13ca79]I'm just one [b:982f13ca79]hell[/color:982f13ca79][/b:982f13ca79] of a butler.[/i:982f13ca79]



Let me introduce myself...


I suppose it is customary for one to introduce oneself with a proper summary, which I will present to you now. A Phantomhive butler who cannot do this much isn't worth his salt.

I am Sebastian Michaelis, butler of the young Lord Phantomhive.

... Hm? Yes, that is all. Certainly a detailed description of a servant isn't necessary, wouldn't you agree? No? You want more? Ah... well, there is one thing I'm sure you'll find in due time...

I am one hell of a butler.


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Simply One Hell of a Family

My adopted pride and joy,
EarI AIois Trancy

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I've received an enormous amount of gifts in such a short amount of time. This is my feeble attempt at listing my wishlist items and who donated them. I apologize if I've forgotten, or listed the item as an anonymous benefactor... I've had so many. Please do remind me.

♥ Silver Prince's Rapier: Lyre of Autumn
♥ Enchanted Strings: Lolita Ciel Phantomhive
♥ Rose Shower: Anonymous Benefactor (?)
♥ Long-Stem Red Rose: Anonymous Benefactor (?)
♥ Winter Rose: Royaume de Ciel
♥ Grandiose Imports: Lyre of Autumn
♥ Death Whisper: Royaume de Ciel
♥ Shadow Spirit: Royaume de Ciel and Forever Ciel Phantomhive
♥ Thank You Gift: Anonymous Benefactor (?)
♥ Bear Pajamas: Anonymous Benefactor {?}
♥ Aerial Ribbon Dancer: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Throwing Knives: Anonymous Benefactor (?)
♥ Dashing Gentleman Dress Shirt: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Nitemare Chair: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Masquerade: Lolita Ciel Phantomhive
♥ Everybody's Reprise: Royaume de Ciel
♥ Dashing Gentleman's Onyx Sash: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Elegant Black Satin Vest: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Anesidora's Woe: VioletCrypts
♥ Cardshark Bands: VioletCrypts
♥ Ace Meow: Vigilia
♥ Ace Meow: Aiden_Rienheart
♥ Kaya the Cat: NewMoonDrop
♥ BuBu Kitty Plushie: Royaume de Ciel
♥ Scarlet Rose: Lyre of Autumn
♥ Kokutan the Demon Cat: Lolita Ciel Phantomhive
♥ Malice Punk: Misae-Momma
♥ Matao the Demon Cat: VioletCrypts
♥ Charon's Vessel: ichijora
♥ Sebastian Michaelis: Kisshusgirl
♥ Hidden Ace: ichijora
♥ Silent Night: ichijora
♥ Checkmate: ichijora
♥ Homeroom: ichijora
♥ Malice Punk: ichijora
♥ Vampire Hunter Hat: ichijora
♥ Long-stemmed Blue Rose: Harmonnia
♥ Count's Vengeance: lydia oUo
♥ Nightmare Chimera: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Astra-71: Foggy Night: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Astra-70: Bloodstain: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Ever After Curse: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Ordinary Elevator: Not-so-Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Fantastical Journey: Not-so-Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Hazardous Accidents: Not-so-Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Y Paddle: Crazed Confession
♥ Raspberry Coffee Cake: BABEH!
♥ Brooding Butler: BAAABEEEH!
♥ Zophiel's Dark Bloody Wings: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Runcible Spoon Renewal: Anonymous Benefactor
♥ Executive Librarian: Phantomhive Royal
♥ And many, many, many gifts from the wondrous Sir Ji.

May I have this dance, My Lord?


The butler has returned.

After an extended leave of absence, I've decided
that the timing is impeccable for my return to Gaia.

Life is filled with unpleasant experiences, and afterward,
memories. One can never truly be rid of them...
but to let them haunt you is to admit an infinite defeat.

I will not lose. My Master forbids it.

A precious Christmas gift
from my darling little Alois.

Lovely art by Di0s

Also, I realize that the "Robin" Ciel is
a favorite among Ciel roleplayers, but...

I despise it. I'm so sorry.