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    Call Me Death. Or Affair. Some People Can Call Me Affy.
    Some Of You Are Lucky Enough To Know Who I Really Am.
    I make art in my spare time. Typically Pixels. Though I do sketch.

    22. Female. Single. California. Country Girl. Gamer Girl.
    I Play LoL, Infinite Crisis, FF13, FF13-2, Pokemon, Minecraft, Diablo 2, Medal of Honor, Brink, Rage & Bioshock Infinite.

    "I believe there is another world waiting for us. A better world. And I’ll be waiting for you there." - Cloud Atlas

    Sometimes Your Knight In Shining Armor Is Just A Retard In Tin Foil.

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Report | 11/30/2014 4:52 pm


I love ham!!!! xD honey brown sugar ham....mmmmmmmmmm.

Report | 11/28/2014 9:02 pm


Nom Nom!!! Was there turkey involved?? :3
We just sat around and I made ribs with rice. Our Thanksgiving happened on Tuesday.

Report | 11/24/2014 10:35 am


Awwww really???? :/ sorries. If you ever want to help get it up again I'll do my best to help ya.
So what's been going on?? Any plans for Thwnksgiving??

Report | 11/22/2014 12:24 pm


Is quite annoying. xD seems to be working great now days!! I blame the Gaia freak out on all those Brain items being released. Lol.

Report | 11/17/2014 12:25 pm


I'm glad you're now getting it taken care of. :3
Sorry for the late reply, Gaia kept crashing for a few days so I couldn't log on without major lagging. :/

Report | 11/14/2014 9:47 am


lol yea that's like with my brother who is always busy

Report | 11/13/2014 9:07 am


yea i'm still looking for work but i keep busy around the house and do some cross stitch.
it was great having my brother here though. we went to disneyland. smile

Report | 11/11/2014 3:01 pm


How did the appointments go??
Hahahahahaha omg I know!!!!! You think examining so many schools and children someone would have caught it.

Report | 11/08/2014 12:30 pm


Are thy now doing X-rays??

Report | 11/06/2014 6:52 am


lol yea i try to get on at least once a day.
last couple days i haven't been on since my bro and his friend came in to visit so that was cool smile


      “Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
      - Arthur Clarke

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