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Hi, my name is Liam.
I live in England if you haven't already figured that out.
Leave me a comment or something.
I like those.
They make me happy.
Sometimes I comment back.
You should feel special.
Sometimes I'm not mean.
I used to have a cat.
We gave it to some guy.
I like to talk to people.
Sometimes I'm shy.
I don't like random friend requests.
Don't do that s**t.
Talk to me first.
I will ALWAYS donate up to ********.
So probably nothing.
Okay, bye.


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Field of Alpacas Report | 07/27/2015 12:48 pm
Field of Alpacas
lolol dont even know my name and already i am a great existence in your life.
iknow iknow.. you are welcomed.
Im selina
i like puppies and slow walks on the beach.
btw. whats your name?
Field of Alpacas Report | 07/25/2015 4:40 pm
Field of Alpacas
HA. clearly its you.
Aw. You you missed me and you know it.
I'll be expecting my great gift ^^
It will do ALL of the things biggrin
Field of Alpacas Report | 07/22/2015 5:59 pm
Field of Alpacas
Haha yes. a pretty bell, obviously.
i didnt find you. YOU found me lol
you were in my recent visitor's list xD
We talked about this in the beginning lol

Whale then. remind me to scratch you off my bday party list =n=
There was going to be a slipping slide and everything.
but now you can forget about it!

Field of Alpacas Report | 07/22/2015 3:03 pm
Field of Alpacas
Yes, Yes they are cute.
Omg noo gonk
What a terrible fate D;
Well i guess upside to that is that no matter how much affection, i will always turn it down
Hehe i dont even need an excuse anymore

Whale Damn. I guess if your avi isn't broken, why fix it xD'
No no the honor is all mine.
After all the stalking, now i have the chance to speak to you
i am so blessed T.T lol

yea yea. why did you ask for my birthdate btw?
Field of Alpacas Report | 07/22/2015 4:04 am
Field of Alpacas
I will never be a cat >:c
But i loove games. Its only for my own amusement
come on, not even that bad lol
You know me so well. and we havent even added each other.. aww

And ******** yea i did. i remember you because youd never change your avi xD
till this day, i see that you still havent changed your avatar.
to be honest. out of all the pervy usernames, i always enjoyed yours the most.

so you are older. i thought by more but i guess a win is a win.
Field of Alpacas Report | 07/21/2015 9:07 pm
Field of Alpacas
Gahh. im not a cat >.< this is why i dont want to be handcuffed to you lol
thats an attractive laugh you have there. -looks away-
i would have normally answered but i thought this more funny to have you wonder why i didnt just answer razz
i was asking about ur username because back in the day, i would always see that username in rally
weird how this turned out.. xD
my birthday is on Jan 6 1996
but my account says otherwise. this use to be a friend's account that he gave to me because i got hacked
i was too lazy to make a new one.. wow didnt know i was this lazy.. lol
Field of Alpacas Report | 07/21/2015 2:48 pm
Field of Alpacas
Well damn xD
i guess i cant get away now-starts to chew arm off-
lol well u never asked how old i was.
i am 19 btw.
How long have you had that username btw?
Field of Alpacas Report | 07/21/2015 1:19 pm
Field of Alpacas
i know, i know. i've been told to be a bit of a heart breaker. its in my nature.
-pats head- i'm here now. dont you worry.
i was never one to lie about my age. but whatever others want to do i suppose lol
And no. We both just assumed to be of age. I think you are going to be older than I.
How old are you?
Field of Alpacas Report | 07/20/2015 10:30 pm
Field of Alpacas
Damn, chaining a girl down already xD
if thats how the guy is before dating the girl, just imagine how the dude will be while he has "control" O.O
lol and yea. its a community of pervs. whats worse is that those 13 yr old are being covered in new found hormones so they'll be even more pesky xD
back in the day of being a young teen on gaia.. i thought it so weird that i only kept meeting older guys. like wtf xD but ******** that i dont need that on gaia.
emotions other then plutonic ruin my good time. lol
haha sorry for late a** response.. i thought i did reply back. >w<
Field of Alpacas Report | 07/06/2015 6:16 pm
Field of Alpacas
lol the boys need your love too. I get it.
i am ok with jokes. lol always assume i am joking or else we wont get along xD
It threw me off when you said about about skype and being careful of what you say lol
but now i get it. those 13 year olds just dont know when to quit. No one wants to mess with kiddies around here.
censoring you?&gt;o> I am warning you now. I'm not here for any d**k pics xD
inspirational blah

OLD USER 'orgasmicberrys'

This person... Well she is just SO AMAZING.
I mean she told me to write that but I suppose it is
probably true :3
Look! She even made me this kick-a** sign and stuff!! (To the left)
We have known each other for a long time (Probably ;D),
so that means I have to write about how much
I love her more than anyone else on my profile >_>
Which I obviously do... smilies/icon_wink.gif
She also likes to call me her husband (she has like 15
other husbands, B-BUT I'M #1!).
So that is some useless information about our sexy
relationship that apparently exists in her head <3