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Gloomycuffs on 04/22/2014

Reminds me of Borderlands... Hmm..


Super interesting stuff here:

Hi, my name is Liam.
I live in England if you haven't already figured that out.
Leave me a comment or something.
I like those.
They make me happy.
Sometimes I comment back.
You should feel special.
Sometimes I'm not mean.
I used to have a cat.
We gave it to some guy.
I like to talk to people.
Sometimes I'm shy.
I don't like random friend requests.
Don't do that s**t.
Talk to me first.
I will ALWAYS donate up to ********.
So probably nothing.
Okay, bye.


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inspirational blah Report | 04/23/2014 3:04 pm
inspirational blah
extremely tired.
inspirational blah Report | 04/19/2014 4:48 am
inspirational blah
i know, that was a close one.
inspirational blah Report | 04/18/2014 10:55 pm
inspirational blah
i cant tell you it in a comment.
a killer could see it and come kill me
what is wrong with you liam >:O
inspirational blah Report | 04/18/2014 7:22 am
inspirational blah
well my kind sir, buy me a ps4 ;D
it would just tickles my toes if you did.
i will love you forever heart
inspirational blah Report | 04/17/2014 12:48 pm
inspirational blah
right now yes.
thats cuz xbox 360 is what its all about.
you would have loads of friends then.
inspirational blah Report | 04/17/2014 7:58 am
inspirational blah
no... it cant be mine. sorry.
its annas. she got a tan so her butt is white
inspirational blah Report | 04/17/2014 6:30 am
inspirational blah
thats no light, thats just some random white person butt.
inspirational blah Report | 04/16/2014 8:26 pm
inspirational blah
ohhh my goodness, i told you, you cant die till we meet >;o
inspirational blah Report | 04/13/2014 3:14 pm
inspirational blah
whats up!?
inspirational blah Report | 04/13/2014 8:23 am
inspirational blah
hey whore! heart
inspirational blah

OLD USER 'orgasmicberrys'

This person... Well she is just SO AMAZING.
I mean she told me to write that but I suppose it is
probably true :3
Look! She even made me this kick-a** sign and stuff!! (To the left)
We have known each other for a long time (Probably ;D),
so that means I have to write about how much
I love her more than anyone else on my profile >_>
Which I obviously do... smilies/icon_wink.gif
She also likes to call me her husband (she has like 15
other husbands, B-BUT I'M #1!).
So that is some useless information about our sexy
relationship that apparently exists in her head <3