Oooootay! now to start the process of updating this again. i don't talk about myself a lot so if you want to know anything else just ask... if it's not horribly personal i will probably tell you smilies/icon_4laugh.gif
Random ARTS!!!! (i do buy art from time to time, so if you're an artist feel free to PM me with some samples and prices.... or you know, draw me for free, that's a good option too)
Me through the ages (well.... through some of the ages... this account anyway)
uno//dos//three... shut up i know it\'s tres

art's always better with a friend! (or two.... or more)
with Bobbrette- x// (contains nudity, so no posty!)//x
with Hurrban- x//x
with Hurrban and A Colorful Rapist (name changed, but you'll always be a rapist to me.... wait, imagine i said something sweeter than that)- x//x//x//x
with The Gifting Troll- x//x
with BaabyPink- (having troubles uploading, will try to work it out... uploaded later)

Oh hey! i'm Mitchie (actually born Michelle, but i changed it)
i'm currently 26 years old, and going to be 27 real soon (December 28th) i'm so old! hehe i don't feel it anywhere but here... i'm surrounded my teenagers. damn whipper snappers.
i've been a member here since early '04 and i've went through a few different accounts in that time. i've learned the lesson to not share accounts with friends/family, getting banned for something i didn't do sucks. but it was done, so... now that i think about it i don't even know if you're allowed to share account, it shouldn't matter but... whatever. my account now! haha.
I'm working 3 jobs right now:
Overnight b***h at safeway (actually has a different title, but i'm doing all the b***h work, so...)
part time hostess/waitress/cook at a local restaurant, goddamn i'm the b***h there too smilies/icon_lol.gif i don't mind so much though, i get to wear a cute outfit, and i love to cook... the only part i don't like is the hostess bit.
Aaaand, i have a few life skills that i can put into odd jobs around town. i'm little Ms Fixit for anyone with a shitty house around here smilies/icon_4laugh.gif
so if i seem to have strange hours.... it's because i do, i literally work 20hours a day sometimes. it SUCKS! but i'm in debt right now, so i have to do it.
Proudly a Canadian, i love my country it's so beautiful! that being said, i have never been out of canada so i really have nothing to compare it to smilies/icon_lol.gif but i hear most other people love it too haha
Born and raised in British Columbia, when i turned 18 i moved around a little bit, i have lived in every province/territory of this great country, but i ended up back in BC to settle down, i missed the ocean and mountains of my childhood.
I am a lesbian, so any girls feel free to hit me up (wink, wink) no... don't!
i don't want random messages of people hitting on me, i made the mistake of putting something in my last profile that made people think i was some sort of e-slut.
what i said is true, but i didn't mean it to cause people to be weird. it was just a personality quirk of mine.
I have ADD and OCD, both of which are.... semi under control, but if i get a little strange or random at times, that might be why.
i am also Dyslexic so if gimme a break if i spell thing wrong from time to time... or if i take a long time to respond to you, cause well, it's gonna take me awhile smilies/icon_4laugh.gif
When i'm online, i spend most of my time around the CB, i love all you bitches in there. i have made some really great friends over the years!
i mostly lurk and donate (don't ask for donations, it bugs me...) so don't be surprised if you don't know me. i wouldn't expect most people to anyways.
although the CB is mostly full of just random spammy threads, i think if you dig through it you'll find some of the nicest people on gaia.
Uhhhmmm i don't know what else for right now, hopefully i'll add more stuff later. but for now that's enough for me!


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-wiggles limp fingers at you all ugly and gross-
NYARRR NYARRRRRRRR emotion_0A0 emotion_0A0 emotion_0A0 emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_drool emotion_drool emotion_drool emotion_drool emotion_drool emotion_drool

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crying I miss you
Damned Zombie

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Damned Zombie

Me too omg she's so sweet crying

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> n > It happened last night.
you're a good stalker.
redface I'm proud of you.

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-kissy kissu kissu- redface
Ooh my panties.
********. lol
uh I slept at like 630... and woke up at 9. I'm alright though. I'm awake.. for now. lol
Did you have a good day at work?
i missed you

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kiss kiss kissu.
-blows you a kiss-
i love you woman. redface
Damned Zombie

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Damned Zombie

Jenna loves you 4laugh

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I can't sleep emo

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Mitchie! Don't ignore me!
morphine needles

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morphine needles

you can talk to me about it if you want to. sad
you know i'd love to make you feel better. heart

i've been alright i guess, going through some things myself. everyone is though.
& sure thing! hehe, i'll pm you after I send this. xD heart
sorry about forgetting to give you my recipes btw emo
i'll do that now blaugh
it's fine, dear. no need to apologize i understand. emotion_hug


My signature got cut off.... so no more shout outs. cause i love art... it's taking over, sorry guys you know i love you <33