i've never been so happy to be toilet paper
i hold pee head and poo head together
i love you legato and vvednesdays


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Gurowaii Report | 09/01/2014 1:49 pm
sweet dreams baby Mitchie emotion_hug I hope you feel better emotion_bigheart
Godzliia Report | 08/31/2014 2:35 pm
Doing great thats fine I figured you needed space glad your back talk to me whenever k
-Chubby Nipples Report | 08/31/2014 10:25 am
-Chubby Nipples
I try to use black body dye as much as I can. razz
Awww someone gave you white body dye as a gift? emotion_kirakira That skin is so nice. redface I love it so much. rofl I'll look into getting one my self... even thoguh it's fairly expensive I can make a way to getting it eventually. rofl
Mirrormist Report | 08/31/2014 10:13 am
Just this semester because I already took the other classes.

She is most of the reason why I am just going to leave. If it wasn't for her I would stay there and just have no time for anything besides work, school, and internship.

I need to lay down I am tired have been up since 2am. Take care Mitchie. I will talk to you later.
-Chubby Nipples Report | 08/31/2014 10:07 am
-Chubby Nipples
I like the dark avis though wink
They're nice.
even though kinda depressing but still nice. lol
Mirrormist Report | 08/31/2014 10:02 am
No this one is really bad. She doesn't care how the store works and does things however she feels. Everything is screwed up horrible. Sales were up before she got there and now they are way down.

I am going for medical office specialist now.
-Chubby Nipples Report | 08/31/2014 10:01 am
-Chubby Nipples
I love seeing your avi slowly consume into the darkness lol
Mirrormist Report | 08/31/2014 9:52 am
Sounds like the perfect way to save up gold to me.

Tuesday starts this semester. I need to get my internship in place and I have several classes on top of that. I am hoping to get a job doing what it is I am in school for as my internship so I can leave my current before I flip on the new idiot manager.
Mirrormist Report | 08/31/2014 9:16 am
Sounds like a good way to keep gaia interesting to be honest. You don't have to keep an eye out I am just happy I got to help you get something you really wanted to get eventually. I only come on to gift and talk to people anymore and I'm sure it will be rather hard to do that when this semester starts back up.
VVednesdays Report | 08/31/2014 1:39 am

Lookit this goofy b***h!

A Bong Hit's avatar

Birthday: 12/28/1986

story of a dope fiend

alright, updating this s**t again.....
it'll be a mess again... more so....
whatever, only like 3 people have ever read it anyways probably, and they know i'm random and weird, so ******** it.
first thing is first. i've been tied downs, my old whoring ways are a thing of the past.
VVednesdays has broken me, i don't know how she did it, but she made me want her, and only her.... well, and legato, we're working on that still
hiiiii Jaaassssssminnnneeeee smilies/icon_wink.gif
i love you, can we have sex now? can we? can we, come on... please? i'll be good to you, i'll make it feel amazing, just give me one chance baby, you won't be sorry
-bats eyes at you-
so just a reminder to everyone else, just so you're all aware.

so, i'm an old ********, i'm 27 right now. but i read at a 3th grade level, so that keeps me young smilies/icon_cool.gif
i've been here on gaia since early '04, on various other accounts.
gaia is a great escape from life to me, the people i've met on here are really special to me, and my friends mean the world to me. i won't always be the most chatty with people cause i am really shy and crap a lot of times.
but the people i call my friends on here are always in my heart <33
i'm a BC girl, lived in canada my whole life, most of the time has been in British Columbia.
i love the ocean, i could stare out at the ocean for hours and be happy doing it.
there is just something so beautiful to me about open water, and hearing the waves wash up on shore.... it's just amazing to me.
the fact a lot of my family used to be fisherman might've added to my love of water somehoww... i don't know... but whatever.
it don't matter! just sit me by the ocean and let me cuddle up with you and i'll be a happy Girl <33
My name is Mitchie, i was born Michelle, but i changed it cause i grew up with Mitchie as a nickname, and i had better memories with that name than Michelle. and i really just liked the sounds of it more.
and the thought of me is generally....

^that about sums it up.
i'll be wierd a lot of the time, and random.... so don't mind if i make sense sometimes. it happens.
i'm a little ADD or ADHD, or some kind of attention thing, i don't know... i never cared enough to learn, i'm not taking s**t for it, i just smoke it all away when i get too hyper and my mind is running away on me.
and i'm dyslexic.
so keep those two things in mind when you talk to me, i mind run off onto random subjects, and what i type might not look right all the time
so, ******** off.
i really don't post a lot anywhere, i mostly stick to PMs these days.
so if you wanna talk to me, that's your best bet <33
always feel free to PM me and start up a conversation, just don't feel too bad if i don't get back to you at some point, cause i do get sidetracked easily, and i forget to respond to people sometimes.
just keep harassing me, and it'll be fineeeeee smilies/icon_smile.gif
i don't really know what else to put here right now, hopefully i'll add more later but who knows.
so i'll leave it with a dream of mine.
the thing i want in my life more than anything right now.
what my body aches for, what my heart needs, and what would finally make me feel complete in life.

just to be able to kiss my two girls, one day.... i want to be able to, i dream of the day. smilies/icon_redface.gif

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Volvaran the Dragon
morphine needles
Imperial Shockies
A Bong Hit

You girls gettin' the cheesies?

ummmmmm no.

yeah, not really...

Do you guys loves me yet?!!!?!??

wow thanks...

yea, well, mmmmmm, about that... uhhh

Oh well.... this is awkward, oh my damn...

it's my girlssss

finally not getting...

shot downs


I ******** love

You guys!

you're both so

damned sexy!!!!

i meannnnnn.....

so sweet to me! i love you

Mommy, where are you Mommiesss?!

M (plus) Jcubed= <7

I'm ******** CUTE