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kittyangeluchiha Report | 04/29/2017 1:30 pm
goddess of wolf Report | 12/01/2016 3:02 pm
goddess of wolf
hope im not getting sick again
goddess of wolf Report | 12/01/2016 2:46 pm
goddess of wolf
meh...=_= ikr
goddess of wolf Report | 12/01/2016 12:51 pm
goddess of wolf
ok ig have a headache you? emotion_yatta
goddess of wolf Report | 12/01/2016 11:52 am
goddess of wolf
long time no see doctor emotion_yatta
Aya_Natsume2016 Report | 05/21/2016 11:16 pm
Yeah and he's done such an amazing thing in so little of the time that he worked there and inspired us all, you know?
Aya_Natsume2016 Report | 05/21/2016 10:26 pm
Oh yeah but I heard that he was going to try to do both of them at the same time
Aya_Natsume2016 Report | 05/21/2016 10:15 pm
Yeah Dead Fantasy was never completed since he had died and he was the only one who had ideas on where it was going to be heading.

I loved watching Tifa and them fight and then suddenly see the girls from the Dead or Alive (DOA) series with my favorite Final Fantasy characters. I was totally addicted to it and sometimes check it oug again for old times sake like how I do with Rose's season on Doctor Who lol.
Aya_Natsume2016 Report | 05/21/2016 9:58 pm
Hmm I had first learned of Monty through Dead Fantasy tbh with you, I didn't even know his name back then but fell in love with the series.

Oooh I wish you good luck with having to rewatch it -hugs you-
Aya_Natsume2016 Report | 05/21/2016 9:18 pm
RWBY chibi is cute but I like the first episode of it more than anything

I guess that they're trying to help us chill out and stuff from all that's happened in the last Volume it seems like to me lol.

Oh I've been thinking about checking out RvsB cause it was something that Monty made and I'm a HUGE fan of his work 3nodding


In the white light, a hand reaches through
A double-edged blade cuts your heart in two
Waking dreams fade away,
Embrace the brand-new day

Sing with me a song of birthrights and love
The light scatters to the sky above
Dawn breaks through the gloom, white as a bone
Lost in thoughts all alone


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