Alice is a clever and quick-witted young woman, with a curious nature, and a sharp tongue. She is not afraid to speak her mind.

She is fond of animals, particularly cats and rabbits.
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Report | 12/09/2012 1:45 am


okie instruments on your way ^-^ !!
I can;t think of anything for now but thankies !! heart

Report | 12/08/2012 3:47 am


Thank you !! I'll try my best to be a good neighbor in RW!!

Report | 11/09/2012 5:07 pm


Oh man XD
Yeah last time I had mixed energy drinks I had too many red bull and vodkas and I blacked out too.. I ******** hate that >.<
Yeah it sucks... I like that though, morbid Red Riding Hood. Would probably be pretty sexy hehe
Lol nah.. I was a mobster chick or w/e. Store bought costume from last year. Ive seen a couple fox costumes online.. they're pretty cool but I'm actually trying to make one make myself. I just didn't get around to finishing it in time this year.

Report | 11/08/2012 12:31 am


Sounds like it would be good in red bull or monster then.
Yeah, it's definitely a new experience. It will be fun decorating, that's for sure ^.^
That sucks.. the last few Halloween's have turned out to be duds unfortunately. It's my favorite holiday. This year a friend threw a costume party. It was pretty fun.

Report | 11/02/2012 4:38 pm


I'm gonna give it a shot next time I make mixed drinks. What do you recommend as far as brand and things to mix it with?
Yes, yes it does XD
Yeah kinda. Unfortunately I've been getting back on my old sleep schedule.. staying up til 4 or 5. Hoping to change that though. We're getting an office sometime in the near future and more than likely I'll have to get up and open it every morning at 9 >.<
How was your Halloween?

Report | 10/31/2012 3:28 am


I still haven't tried Soju yet.. You said it's like vodka?
Nice smile benefits are always a good thing to have especially when you're employer covers it. That's gotta be fun.. kicking out minors :p
I just googled it.. there's that time and patience issue we were talking about hehe sweatdrop

Report | 10/28/2012 2:41 pm


I'd have to agree with that. I've seen some amazing digital paintings done with tablets. It's crazy what you can do with them, but like you said takes too much time and patience.
When I finish the sketch I'm working on now I'll send it over and see if you can help me out :p
I know what you mean.. It's hard to find time but you have to relax and veg on the computer sometimes lol. Congrats on the job. What kind of work?
Yeah I changed the attachment property so it just scrolls with the page now. It was one of the few pre-made ones that I liked but I thought it could use something so I added in the mushroom and the decal where the annoying flashing gif used to be from the site I got it from hehe XD
I can give you the image tile so you can use it on your Tumblr if you'd like.
Sweet, thank you smile I agree, the new layouts are nice but the modules are bland.

Report | 10/25/2012 9:13 pm


Oh cool, I use CS5 as well smile
I use it mostly for work so it helps to have the experience when I want to do something recreational. No tablet though.
I'm always a little shy to show my work cause it sucks lol but I think once I get a more complete sketch I'll send it to you and see what kind of tips you can offer.
Thank you XD I changed it yesterday. I had the other one for so long, I still like it but it needs some updates. I like the center profiles better than the left justified ones. The side decal was pissing me off though cause I don't know how to keep it from disappearing when you scroll. I think it has something to do with the way the divs are. I don't feel like reading through forums to find the answer either so I'm just going to change the attachment property :p
I like you're background. How did you get the rabbit to display up there?

Report | 10/25/2012 4:41 pm


Nice! What program did you use to color it?

I started a couple sketches of my avi but I didn't like where they were going. So I'm going to give it another shot and try a different perspective.

Report | 09/23/2010 1:30 pm


I am alright ^^ and yourself hun?


Every picture tells a story, sometimes we don't like the ending
sometimes we don't understand it.