Store of Happiness

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heart Welcome to My Store! heart
Sale 20%! for celebrating my returning xd

About this Store :
I always trying selling the items cheapest from the others.
Then, you are lucky found my store.
So, be quick to buy it before the others get it first.
I also selling rare items at certain time.

About Trade :
If the price too much for u, PM me how much do u want.
If you want trade that item(s) with something(s), it(s) must be equal or more than the current price.
Except if you had items with some quality, I willing negotiate for it.
(just for your information I my main theme is fantasy, techno, sci fi, futuristic, robot, modern)

Time Displayed :
I only display Buy Only item(s) within 1~3 days (so, bookmark me if needed),
And Bid or Buy item(s) within 3 days

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Give me some comment to improve my store.


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