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As solid as this rock...
As calm as this stone...
As precious as this crystal...
Grant me the knowledge of the divine Universe.
Allow me to understand from the mistakes of the past and go forward to the future.
Like a Seer, I see all that is giving and hear all that is loud.
Spirits, Angels, Universe; let me be that as a crystal.

Connected as one and vibrating a whole.

Good evening I am JFoxx... I am a freelance artist. I am a very solitary spiritual creature that loves nature.
My life is filled with so much beauty, magic,nature and art. I am very blessed.

Out of all the animals, the fox stuck to me the most, and of course cats.
You see, the fox came to me; I never bothered as much to go to them.
The fox came to me in dreams and visions deciding to make its presence known to me and it started to manifest itself in many forms. Art, Poetry, and Literature.
Like a cartoon, it had a whacky sense of humor and sometimes when need be it would be serious.
I never known so much about foxes at the time it first started to appear in my life besides the fact that they were wild furry animals.
I was compelled to research them and learned a lot about them. Mischievous, spontaneous, intelligent, and playful.

In many cultures a fox appears in folklore as a symbol of cunning and trickery or as a familiar animal possessed with magical powers.
The Celtics believed the fox to be a guide and was honored for its wisdom; they would also rely upon the fox as a guide to the spirit world.

The fox encourages us to think outside the box and use our intelligence in different more creative ways. They bring us a message to try to approach our circumstances differently than we normally would. Be aware of your habits and try a different angle of approach.
The fox is a sign to be mindful and aware of your surroundings. They are phenomenal shape shifters and incredibly adaptive.

They beckon us to not make too many waves but rather, adapt to our surroundings, blend into it, and use our surroundings (Circumstances) to our advantage.

What struck me the most about them was this feeling of spiritual connection with them.
I feel stress free and a sense of belonging and just being in the moment, I feel at home with comfort.

So the fox has always been so symbolical and relevant with my own life.
Everyday I live up to them like a good role model; I believe they are guiding me to where I should be in life. To freedom and happiness.
I can look at this miserable world and smile with a sense of humor... This world is my field where I shall run free.

I place my beliefs and trust into this Universe for it works in mysterious ways and is very beautiful and peaceful.


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I guess I will keep some journals about my bizarre path in this life


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Thank you for the tip. ✌️
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Your avi rocks!
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******** sick avatar