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MaRkIe po0h Report | 03/17/2015 7:40 pm
MaRkIe po0h
I only have 1. Lol I ain't dat rich!
MaRkIe po0h Report | 03/16/2015 9:13 pm
MaRkIe po0h
pfftt i had all dis shiet when you still vended noob. razz

I'll send one your way~
MaRkIe po0h Report | 03/15/2015 7:40 pm
MaRkIe po0h
Oh. razz

How's life? Long time no talk!

I can help you get some stuff if you want, I don't play much.
MaRkIe po0h Report | 03/15/2015 7:38 pm
MaRkIe po0h
your username... you been?

You back on gaya?
MaRkIe po0h Report | 03/15/2015 7:35 pm
MaRkIe po0h
O. lel.

you smoke>!>!>!
MaRkIe po0h Report | 03/14/2015 5:01 pm
MaRkIe po0h
Possibly...Need more information!
silversociety Report | 08/04/2014 10:40 pm
You do know that when you spam a whole bunch of the same item for sale it causes people to undercut you repeatedly making it take longer to sell your inventory than if you just list one or two at a timeā€¦
high senpai Report | 03/23/2014 1:29 pm
high senpai
you're welcome blaugh
high senpai Report | 03/23/2014 1:27 pm
high senpai
Y NOT just sell them
high senpai Report | 03/23/2014 1:25 pm
high senpai
omg lol
u can have the wings too i have 6 pairs gonk


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