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Hello everyone!! I used to be on gaia years ago but I quit, but now the gaia bug got me back!!! So I hope I can meet alot new people and get to know you all!! Looking forward to it all!! ^^smilies/icon_whee.gif Vetern GAIA person comming back into the game after years baby!! ^^

Something about me...well I am 32 years of age...yes I know im kinda old to be playing gaia, but I have been around gaia sence 2004 so its is my blood. I love anime and cosplay! ^^ If you would like to befriend me go right ahead! ^^


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Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/20/2016 8:54 am
Aurelia Longleap
snrf! O-O *goes a little cross-eyed staring at the cookie on her snoot*
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/19/2016 7:47 pm
Aurelia Longleap
rrf! *cuddles and slobbers on his closer ear* ^u^
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/17/2016 3:17 am
Aurelia Longleap
arooo! ^-^ happy happy woof. likes to howls!
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/16/2016 5:17 am
Aurelia Longleap
i'm a small wolf so i can't maul everyone really good... otherwise i might. cry
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/14/2016 12:54 pm
Aurelia Longleap
must bew so tempting to ask in return, "are you literate?"
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/13/2016 8:44 pm
Aurelia Longleap
i had a customer walk in like that two years ago. i quit that job for something less directly involved with customers. i was like "um. we have... batteries? this is a food store. (#whatareyoudoing #goaway)"
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/11/2016 8:12 pm
Aurelia Longleap
people who go into a grocery store and ask where the iphone chargers are?
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/11/2016 6:24 pm
Aurelia Longleap
perhaps you haven't had the misfortune to encounter the levels of overwhelming stupid i have... e-e *cuddles into her offering of bunnies* do you like bunnies too?
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/11/2016 5:39 am
Aurelia Longleap
typing the captcha gets old and i'm sufficiently convinced you're not a moron. heart yes, bring me all the bunnies! i will sleep in a pile of bunnies.
Aurelia Longleap Report | 10/10/2016 4:06 am
Aurelia Longleap
scared? who's scared? cat_redface i just really likes bunnies! hrmph!



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