Must you know.

That's what happens. You let people in, and they destroy you.

I do modeling. If you find the way I dress slutty, I'm sorry lol. It's how I'm used to and I don't find it slutty.
Note; I don't dress like that 99% of the time.

Name; Emmy
Age; 17
Birthday; Jan. 13th.
Location; Michigan

Likes; Acid, Art, Drawing, Sleeping, Joking, Partying, Boys, Laughing, Smooth rain, Clouds, Hookah, Skype calls.

Dislikes; Crying, Immature people, Forced to stay awake, Being ditched & forgotten, dry hands, emotion play.


My face.



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Do you miss me?

*Kik; emmybear1011
*Snapchat; izzybear1011

You can find me here a lot too;

If you message me or anything just let me know you're from Gaia. I'll message you when I can ^^

Sers, best friend.