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Emmy / 18 / Italian / Murder Mitten
my face; xxxx // xxxx // xxxx // xxxx

I'm told I'm ******** up in the head and just bad news. So maybe you should stay away from me.
Most my friends are online & I actually enjoy skype calls a lot. I can be a tad awkward though sometimes, so bare with me. I care a ******** ton for my friends, and I'm hella thankful for them.
I can be a blunt b***h, so if you get offended easy, don't bother talking to me.

obsessed with; cute boys & girls, drinking booze, chicken nuggets, pizza, league of legends, cats, selfies, eyebrows, booty, nature, tattoos.

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Instagram; ******** />Snapchat; ******** />League of Legends; WasInYourPantsu
Skype; just ask me for it

I make fan signs. Want one? PM me. (not free)
I'm also questing items here!
Everyday Robot
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Bathroom irl