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Wanna get to know me?

well my name is Dave, you can call me "steel" im Cambodian, Thai, and Chinese..im 6ft(i know, pretty tall your an asian)i was born on july 21, 1987 my zodiac sign is a cancer!my chinese zodiac is a rabbit, my life is pretty much kinda "crazy" i suppose *lol* imma eazy going guy, LOVE to drink my brew! i "was" in to drawing n graffiti works but stop cuz of my heavy drinking(my hands shake alot)so i move to MS Paint..my childhood was pretty mess up,my family got rob(home-invasion)saw some got shoot n die,got jump multiple times, nearly stab,got shoot at, saw a gurl got rape,help my friends do a G.T.A..but enuff about my teen life..how i got on gaia is from my older brother, thought it was boring at 1st,but i dont know why i got back on..imma vendor on gaia (plz dont ask for donations) what i DONT like from ppls is: s**t talkers, lies,snitches,fakes,..i dont like gurls sounding like a dude..EWWWW!!! well that all for now,i'll update this later im tired...


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yea i draw those pictures!!