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THE Red Corpse Report | 06/22/2014 11:52 pm
THE Red Corpse
Ermahgerd! 2kMan! It's been forever and ever. How are you and the wife? smile I've been okay. Rich and I are looking to buy a house. pirate
Zanaphine Report | 06/21/2014 7:34 pm
Heehee thank you 4laugh *huggles*
Zanaphine Report | 06/20/2014 7:10 am
OH lord I know I could be lol
But between physio and the second job blah blah blah... you know how it rolls lol
Zanaphine Report | 06/19/2014 6:10 pm
Gettin tired of Gaia's s**t.. but doin ok.
Zanaphine Report | 06/19/2014 8:04 am
Hee hee, your avi is so cute! 4laugh
Cheshire Scream Report | 06/12/2014 9:01 pm
Cheshire Scream
blaugh thank yooou! heart
Cheshire Scream Report | 06/12/2014 8:48 pm
Cheshire Scream
redface thank you. someone donated a coin thingy so I could donated to the gate thingy.. I feel fancy!
Cheshire Scream Report | 06/12/2014 8:32 pm
Cheshire Scream
looking spiffy!
Cheshire Scream Report | 06/04/2014 9:30 pm
Cheshire Scream
ok, yoou? biggrin
Cheshire Scream Report | 06/03/2014 7:57 pm
Cheshire Scream
hey! heart