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i'm weird xoxox

I'm an 18 year old bisexual California girl
I like to joke around and flirt
Carefree, stubborn, and weird
I'm an avid Walking Dead fan (along with a bunch of other tv shows)
I love to read, write, sing, and play videogames
I love random comments so please leave me one if you stop by!
And that's all I have to say about myself, if you want to know more feel free to message me ♥

i also have skype and kik, just ask for it!


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RavingProductions Report | 09/23/2015 7:45 pm
dont mind me... just a random but friendly comment smile
Minister Tywon Report | 07/30/2015 11:33 am
Minister Tywon
whats your skype
Teenberry Report | 06/15/2015 9:52 am
Would you make signs for gold?
Here-Lies-Betelgeuse Report | 06/07/2015 7:29 pm
Anytime, cutie redface
Here-Lies-Betelgeuse Report | 06/07/2015 7:16 pm
Tbh the boobs you posted in the CB have nothing on yours redface redface heart
AmarylIis Report | 06/07/2015 4:46 pm
I hope you can get your wings soon. How much more do you need? I'll help out.
And thank you. I understand that some people may think I'm doing this for attention, and the best thing for me to do right now is ignore them.
Thank you so much for the concern.
senpaai Report | 04/26/2015 6:16 pm

Hi 1ovely! 3nodding heart
I have a huge interest in your Doki Doki Deito. redface
The only problem is is this whole inflation thing with Gaia rn. ._.
I can understand it being such a high price, as it is a special kind of item.
I've been playing games upon games throughout the day just to get a high enough amount of gold coins to maybe negotiate with someone with, but I realize how long it would take just to get up to the price sellers are asking for. :/
I'm willing to trade you 5,333,517 for your Doki Doki Deito.
Its literally all I have, but I also do digital art for free, and I could totally make you a cute little animated image of your avi, or just a plain transparent image that you can put anywhere! sweatdrop
Shes super cute btw, and I would love to draw her digitally!

If this is not something youre willing to give up for the amount im offering, then that is perfectly fine.
I just thought i'd try and ask around to the very few sellers that have this item right now.

Thank you so much for reading!~
Please write back!~ heart

SweetGirl779 Report | 03/13/2015 2:27 pm
hey! long time no see! biggrin
AncientOneSileni Report | 12/07/2014 12:49 am
MagicalBubble Report | 08/06/2014 1:57 am
<333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 emotion_hug

v Dovahkiin

Mario the Davidic Hero

Super Purple Ninja Monkey

Mushroom Kuukaku