Cortney // 22 // Washington State

Loves: Video games, My hubby, Cats, Bunnies, Sleeping.
Hobbies: Art, Killing zombies, Online shopping.
Dislikes: Vegetables, Smelly people, Maybe you.

Sell art? Shoot me a PM with your samples and prices.

Have an art auction? Quote me and I might AB it or bid in it. I have lots of GG that I am currently spending on HQ art.

Chaance on 04/16/2014
BIG N BOUNCY on 04/16/2014
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Jxared on 04/16/2014
Crimson dark skies on 04/16/2014
Wolf_of_flight on 04/16/2014
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La Jolie Papillon

This girl right here is my sister. <3
She's so amazing and caring.
I love her more than words can even describe.
I could write a long list of reasons why she's
amazing and why I love her so much, but it
wouldn't be enough. You make me feel like
there is hope in people. Nice people are
rare these days and you brought me out of
the darkness and into the light.
I love you so much sis!
Forever and ever you will be my sister..
no matter what! <3