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oHey. People call me Bels, or Dills, yeah. Got it memorized?
I'd say my personality can be pretty well summed up as a bit shy, hairswooshing, and anime memes.
Why don't I have any friends cries.
I hatched from my speckled egg on October 30th. So special. Much wow.
I live in Cali 'cause it's callin'. But really. Yeah, that. What a wonderful place with the overblown prices and too many people and drought and such. Live a little. :c
I listen to lots of music and like to sing. More of a punk, alternative fan. Bit of everything else spotted on. It's all about having fun.
I'm mostly a towns person so if you see me, no worries. I don't bite hard.
I watch a lot of porn anime. I try to stay current with most of it so if that's your thing my MAL is Octobyr.
********.. love crocodiles.
I'm in my element most with a pair of buds or phones over my earholes.
Stupid trophywhore. PSN b dlaxin.
Life's too long to give a s**t about standards or disappearing. So I don't.
I break for tea. I break for other things too, but tea is most certainly one of those things sometimes.
I love comments. So if you want to just talk or are bored, hit it. It's super appealing. Or so I pretend.~
Regardless if you like me, or don't, or don't give a s**t either way. Have a nice day.

"Let go, my Eloise."



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