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Hello there fellow members, my name is Silas and I am 23 years old. Please address me with Neutral pronouns, thank you. I am currently residing in Pennsylvania and going through the ongoing process of an education in Veterinary Medicine , almost finished with my Vet Nursing program. I am blessed to be in a Monogamous relationship with my astounding Fiance sense 2012 ♡, He is the Honey to my Tea! I also work as a Machine Operator building car and helicopter components. a tidbit more information about that below.

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I am a tad shy at first but warm up after you get to know me a bit.

I love all things to be as Natural as possible, and live the most Holistic lifestyle I can. Other than that I am into Art, Animals, Travel, Serious Conversations, Writing, Costume/Role-Play, and so much more!

you can learn a bit more about me as well by reading my Journal.

I try hard not to be judgmental of others, so just be yourself and I will most likely enjoy your company.

If you so wish to, please feel free to observe my Furry Art, I do more Professional stuff as well like this one here.

Well, I hope to hear from you


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