My name is Gabrielle; but you can call me Gabby or Gab. I Grew up in a small town called Marne. I lived with my grandparents for the first few years of my life. Soon enough my parents bought us a home in the ghetto I guess you can call it. There I met one of my best friends names Amber, I was 3 at the time and my mother was very close with her mother. By the time I was 7 Amber and I were practically sisters. We knew everything about each other and never fought. Though times were rough her parents got divorced so she had to go from house to house every other weekend and it still remains that way now. Soon enough my parents and I moved into our first real house. It was very well. The neighbors were nice, and everything. But I soon knew I had to transfer schools. I didn't talk to amber til I was 10 when she moved to our neighborhood. That's when I got my first cat. Her name was Serafina (Named after the cat in the barbie movie) and she was my best friend for that period of time. More or later we had to move to the house I am at now, We gave away Serafina, those were the most heartbreaking moments of my life. It took me a whole month to get over it. (Yeah, I'm a cry baby u-u) That's when I found Gaia online. And from this day, I continue to make more friends and memories.

Yay friend time!!

Doctor Frost Ezakiya PhD
This guy has been my friend since the beginning. We recently started skyping and it's been a blast every time!

Pan Pan cx
Another one of my closest friends. He;s an adorable little cutie who's very understanding. Sometimes I wonder how he can handle my fits of rage..

0h Demon
I met him via my ex. I was sorta starting to like him during the relationship but it quickly faded once I admitted it to him. He's my partner in crime!

I met him in Cb a few thousand months back. He's extremely gay (IN A GOOD WAY) and he's just great.

THIS n***a THOUGH. He gave me the idea for my character Charcawl after (When I was Charcoal Kitty Kat in like 2013 may) He screamed CHARCAWL and I ******** loved it.

He's my really really really really close friend, I recently met him after I got hacked like almost a year ago. We clicked like SNAP. It was crazy.

l3lue berries x
I kinda met him over l2usty and grew on him. He's sweet and adorable when he says butterfly <3

I met in vh one day when I was kinda hitting on him xD I introduced him to l2usty and he started turning gay. xD

My husband. Bye

"Gabby is my hoe"
-Pull Your Pants Up Boy

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Dream Avi Idea's.

This will be dream avi's for less, and for more C:



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Can You Deep Throat

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Can You Deep Throat

WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS ON? Didn't think about that huh? :3
But no really it's because I'm never home anymore.
Can You Deep Throat

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Can You Deep Throat

So how're you? c:
Can You Deep Throat

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Can You Deep Throat

o3o -hugs back tighter- d:

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whee *tackle glomps* emotion_kirakira

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I win coz my arm is already down. emotion_yatta

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IKR emotion_awesome
Taylor swift 400th bf

Report | 04/21/2014 11:16 am

Taylor swift 400th bf

cool cool cool
Hiro Kageyama

Report | 04/21/2014 4:32 am

Hiro Kageyama

~ sweatdrop ...
Sorry cause I'm a lil' bit busy.

So how's your doin?. 3nodding
Hiro Kageyama

Report | 04/19/2014 8:58 am

Hiro Kageyama

How can I understand you if you keep oinking like that?. sweatdrop


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Gabrielle Jones (Hades)

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0h Demon is my best friend

Level 44 Balance Wizard on Wizard101.
Yeah I'm addicted to it.

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