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Used to be Foxie_Blu. Quote me to get my attention~

Draw Uta and I?
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Currently questing: Get Some Style.



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~I need this in my life~

Name: Dreggerson Monroe.
Nickname: Dreg.
Age: Old enough.
Height: 5'3.

Skittish, clingy, scared, loving, trusting, but hard on himself. Often blames himself but gives his all to friends or a lover. He loves writing, reading, drawing, singing and dancing. He's an -Innocent Uke- who just happens to be a bit misunderstood. He often wishes fairy tales were real. He has a thing for demons, vampires, werewolves and yaoi. Dreg even has some characteristics of a fox. He's gone through many names and phases, but now he's finally feeling comfortable with this name. Dreg loves his music and finds dragqueens delightful.

Obsessions: Gakupo, Hiro(Nocturnal Romance), Uta, Undertaker, and Claude.

Favorite colors: Black, Lavender, pale pink, teal, white, sky blue, pale yellow, and light green.

Sexuality: Bi, but leans more toward men.

Current favorite song: Sphere by Nocturnal Romance.

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