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Hello, I'm Chai.

My name means life in Hebrew in case you're wondering, it is also a very good tea. ironically its also Russian for tea... well then.

I don't know why your'e here being a little creep, but whatever floats your boat.

I enjoy drawing, but its simply a hobby, half the time i get lazy or distracted and never finish whatever i started drawing.

I'm a little socially awkward, but honestly who isn't these days.

I am a Christian and don't mind debates every once in awhile. Though i'm a Christian I don't judge others based on what they believe or do. i even dated an atheist/ ex-mormon..... but he debated wayy to much and tried to convert me to atheism ... you can imagine how well THAT went..

I have a habit of running into walls, tables and various other objects that do not move easily .I'm not sure why.. it just happens.

I am super easy to get along with and honestly I won't judge you at all.
after all we all have different things and hobbies that make us happy.
Putting someone down for liking something that makes them happy is just wrong. SO, don't go letting people get into your head and start thinking what you like is "dumb" or "childish" cause it ain't.

Anyway thanks for reading all that that!
Have a good day!
Bye loves. <3