What you're here for.

I'm 18, I study physics, I'm a male, I'm bisexual, I find enjoyment in being cruel to people.

I appreciate avi art a lot. If you send it to me, I will post it on my profile.

Formerly known as Voci, Euphon, and Orisys.

Huge ******** creep, totally uninterested in you. Please do yourself the favor and if you're trying to start a conversation with me, tell me your cup size off the bat so we can move on.

I like cute things and Magic The Gathering.

Face is in the sig.

You don't need to know my name.

If you're scared of trying to talk to me, don't bother, you'll probably waste your time.

I'm not an open person, so if you're a pretentious teenage girl looking for an "interesting" conversation, please ******** off. I don't care how well you type, I care about what you say, which for the record, I'm assuming is horseshit.

Yes, I'm just as crass, blunt, and judgmental as my profile is online, and in person.

Hope you're disappointed.


King of sadomasochism.
closet-obsessed with cute things.
My face
i skate a lot
AzuriIl and Darkness blinds us all are my bottoms
Mimicci is my b***h's cat's b***h's b***h
Daffodils and Daisies is my CB crush
i don't do relationships

I'm going to stalk you back.

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