Filia and Xellos <3 I heart.

Well, I guess I'll start off by telling you the truth about how I got my username.

When I was a little twelve year old I played on neopets. That's right. This username belongs to one of my old accounts there. But let me tell you just how my little twelve year old brain worked at the time.

00 came from an agent in a spy movie of course. I can't remember why I decided to use it, and now that I think about it, Dolphin is a really weird name to use it with. I had a 00chicken account on runescape but I won't get into that.

Dolphin was actually used in referance to Deep Sea Dolphin in the Slayers. That's why when someone asks me what my favorite animal is I don't say "Dolphin!" I say "The wolf is of course."

And finally, _sw was used as an abrieviation for _ skywolf, because my favorite colour was sky blue and my favorite animal was the wolf. The bracket is there because in neopets you can't have spaces, and this username is right from there.

I'm currently in high school. My favourite subject is english, and my least favourite subject is math. (I hate it! I hate it so much!)

And my label is "semi-prep." It was given to me, so I'm keeping it.


My hobbies include watching anime, writing, and drawing. I love writing. Drawing is more like a break inbetween. Gaia is another hobby I guess, but I'd like to think of it more as an addiction than anything else.

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Ok all you Emos! "Every night you have to repeat 'Life is wonderful! Life is wonderful!' and keep on repeating!" -Amelia

I finally caved in and joined 'Fanfiction.net' with a slightly better username/pen name, which is Slurpee Monster. I write Slayers fanfiction if you haven't already guessed. I invite you to come and read my fanfic. I made a banner.

WHO is 00Dolphin_sw?

Dolphin is a radical anti-gambino and a member of the Revolution. She has been a zombie now for nearly a year and used to be a regular at her friend's bar. She is also a gambler and has gotten "addicted" to slots, she can quit anytime. Really. Recently, she has taken it upon herself to become a defense lawyer.

This is the old art I drew way back in 2k4 maybe 2k5:

These are more recent:


I'm obsessed with the Slayers, but I suppose you've noticed that. The song playing in the background is one of my favourites; Waru- Bad blood. I was thinking about putting 'Get Along' or 'Dareka no message in, but neither really fit the atmosphere.

These are some Slayers animated gifs I found around the internet.

The last two I "borrowed" from www.geocities.com/xelfan12/Animated_Gifs.html?200612
Check it out!


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I love your avatar!
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(warning I have a big chunk of text might be slightly ranty rambly, not directed at you but yeah.. also if I see one more TiVo captcha i'ma go kick fafinir.)

THats kinda why I refuse to fit into some ideal cosmetic appearence I mean IRL my waist is up way to high for my build due to scoliosis and gena valgum or knock knees n such and lots of medicals mixing together. I can walk fine I just lean to far foward and have ot use crutches and rebild back strength. but apparently having my waist up TO HIGH is a friggin ISSUE FOR EEEVERYONE... that and having to pick on my weight because it makes me look larger in the hips.. :/ I mean yeah I'm big but wtf... dammit society what are we teaching the children!? I is a decent reflection maybe thats why they throw a hissy fit when someone SHOWS IT... fack the sexist "engineer barbie" has NOTHING on the shite mlp has pulled and been conedoned for while anyone who brings it up gets villainized or harrassed by the damn fandom (I've already gotten shite for wanting a proper disablity explaining episode for scootaloo but NOOOOO we can't go "you may never fly, but that doesn't mean you won't ever become someone great" .. we can alreayd tell her cutiemarks gonna INVOLVE her scooter. I don't think she'll be able to FULLY fly not with all the hints being dropped! but nope! fandom don't like that!)

Yeah pretty much but derpy wasn't EVER disabled. nor was she mocking. hell derpy delivered the ROYAL mail and mail! that was her djob basically givenn they addopted it into the line of stuff for her, I have a messenger bag with her delivering muffins and a sorta postag etheme thats a licensed product. if anything derpy was a proper representaiton of someone taking something different and STILL working in society and holding down a job, and if we take the fandoms creation of her character as cannon, raising a small child not even of her same race/class! A pegasus raising a unicorn no doubt is a fete in itself to me. Honestly they even PURPOSELY MOCKED a disability and EVERYONE WAS FINE! they mocked scootaloos wings and the bullies were NEVER reprimanded, kids were basically todl "you ca't ASK for help you can't GET help you can't fight back or YOU are at fault" same with the babs seed it escalated to physical abuse basically with forcing applebloom out her bed and even stalking..... also yes I know whaaay to much about this cuz I had to write a paper for college about this.... and my teacher said I dind't have a "strong subject" compared to the person going on about abortion with a bias to it... friggin southpark treats it's disabled characters better for facks sake.. and THAT is saying something.

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Maybe someday I'll learn CSS if i ever find something.. for now it's just cool to see all the stuff with it. Honestly I have to agree if you look at it the message is "friendship is magic, unless you're different then you're a monster and we'll threaten, assault, attack and just plain out TRY TO KILL you if you don't conform"..... kinda like sympathizing with chrysalis she wanted to feed her babies. clearly she can't go "hey can we move in we're hungry" if they do that to discord! I don't understand the writers anymore at all they friggin wrote out derpy cuz people labeled her for a disability SHE WAS NEVER CONFIRMED HAVING.. gah!

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Ah your welcome! well it's bloody awesome, heck I don't even know how to do that CSS stuff. I just threw stickers round. and ooh yes i have to agree. honestly kids are gonna be exposed to violence. it's a facct of life. but TV is not the option to conquer if you can' get them exposed in SOME non traumatic form and then sit down and talk with them. and trust me I get fiery myself, hell when I mentioned the mlp I had to study and research that shite and it REALLY comes across badly, being a victim of bullying and discrimination myself it does NOT cover the topic well butt hats for another time I need to go dig up that movie also, been years and I need some fab music. enjoy your viewing! i'm off to go fight a cat for the DVD player. Also I know you weren' saying the Stockholm roundabout just i know people would jump on that band wagon reading through so why not see if I can spread some stuff.. ah well you have a good dvd viewing I'm gonna go ramble off somewhere since it's almost christmas and my brain is absolutely fried.

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Sorry I had to pop in and say I absolutely love your avi and your profile. sinnce I intended to with my next reply but forums seems to not be showing your reply to the post I made. (I'm assuming gaia's server is possessed by the evil spirit of 4kids dubs. and has eaten it.) :3 but either way awesome avi! Hopefully that forum post pops up eventually I was very interested by the way you wrote your original post with a nice flair to it (pardon meif that doens't make total sense.. sounded better in my head and i have bad wording skills) anyways! Iyou have a wonderful night/day/whatever time it may be. I'm off to go smack forums with a wrench!

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Thanks for buying! biggrin

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thank you for buying redface
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Shaky jakeward

hello u have great taste in music i like all those bands biggrin

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Nope. No deadline. 3nodding
But I'm setting my own personal deadline to three days, because that is when my auction ends. 3nodding


I will not pay to play.