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Hello Gaians! Oh, do put on some sunglasses if you're going to be staying a while. It's rather overwhelming in here with the way all these fabulous coupon items are shining and shimmering in brilliant prismatic colors, or filling the room with an adorable aura of irresistible cuteness. If you have a moment to spare, you can bravely check out the fabulous coupon offers available between March 27th at 5:01 PM PDT and March 28th at 4:59 PM PDT!

    User Image Rainbow After the Storm: Enter this coupon code during your purchase of 5000 Gaia Cash or more to receive the Rainbow After the Storm chance item! Take a peek at the beautiful streaks of light to win a fabulous item like the new Delightful Dragonslayer, Ursa Minor Yildun, Vague Midnight Reality, Evidently Indie Inamorato, Aristocratic Rose Wedding, Acolytes Daring Blessing, Tama the Fearless Warrior, Neophyte Tooth Fairy, or Hazardous Death Game! This coupon can be redeemed 3 times per account.

    User Image Bear Basket Coupon Enter this coupon code at checkout during your purchase of 2500 Gaia Cash or more via Paypal or Credit Card to receive the adorable Kitten Basket chance item! Open it up to score a minimum of 500 free Gaia Cash and a chance at winning up to 100,000 Gaia Cash! You even have a chance to win the amazing Marching Orders, which can be exchanged for the opportunity to design your own March series item!! You can redeem this coupon 5 times per account.

    User Image 5% off Gaia Cash Coupon: Enter in this coupon code during any Gaia Cash purchase to receive an extra 5% off Gaia Cash! This discount stacks with our current Gaia Cash sales to give you an extra boost of super savings and can be used 2 times per account.

We hope you enjoy these fantastic coupon offers! Be sure to activate your coupon code between each transaction. Otherwise, they might not apply! Remember, these coupons cannot be combined. Now's a great time to stock up on Gaia Cash to snag some of the amazing new finds arriving in our shops each and every day!

Rainbow After the Storm!

Bear Basket!

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