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In case you didn't notice Gaians, I snuck a whole bunch of those fabulous Super Back Friday 2k14 Grab Bags back into La Victoire! You get a shot at winning some ridiculously sweet rewards and I'm overstocked by about a million, so it's a win-win when I announce that you can pick them up in La Victoire again for a limited time only! Enjoy!

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User Image Open up the Super Black Friday 2k14 Grab Bag and you have the chance to win ANYTHING non-limited quantity from our amazing Black Friday Sale! Yes, anything. Anything? Anything! Anything. What I'm getting at here is that you can win anything. Sweet new items like Fawn March, Distracted Messiah's Tresses, Icicle the Angelic Cat, and [Animal] The 16 Bit Legend? YES! Amazing bundles like the Thief Bundle, Princesses of Everything, Counterfeit Bride Bouquet, and Pure Intentions Collection? YES!! Chance items, like Shake a Leg, Stellar Vortex, and The Great Race? YOU BETCHA!

If you've got a hankering for all things shiny and shimmery, hurry down to La Victoire to get your hands on a Super Black Friday 2k14 Grab Bag before they disappear! See you soon!

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