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Greetings, Gaians!

I think it's about that time again... Time for a brand new sale coming to you direct from La Victoire! Everyone's favorite yearly event is getting closer and closer, and I'm 102% sure that I haven't seen enough of my favorite devilish accessories floating around! Start taking notes, because one by one, I'm going to spill my guts about how much I absolutely love this creepy couture!

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Check out this discount on some stunning stripey recolors of everyone's favorite classic monthly collectible! You can go ahead and nab the awesome Orange and Black Striped Devil Tail, Red and Black Striped Devil Tail, White and Black Striped Devil Tail, Purple and Black Striped Devil Tail, and the exclusive Candy Corn Devil Tail by picking up the Devil Striped Bundle!

I'm not one to leave a perfect outfit unfinished, despite wearing nothing but fur, so it just wouldn't be right of me to throw an awesome sale party for Striped Devil Tails and not include their matching horns, right?

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Exactly! Pick up your Purple and Black Striped Horns of the Demon, Orange and Black Striped Horns of the Demon, and White and Black Striped Horns of the Demon and the exclusive Red and Black Striped Horns of the Demon by choosing the Horns of Demon Striped Bundle!

Next up is a winged bundle beyond my own wildest dreams, and hopefully yours too!

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Soar through the skies on some of the wonderfully detailed wings contained in the Freya's Wings Bundle! The bundle includes Freya's Crimison and Ebony Wings, Freya's Crimson Wings, Freya's Topaz and Onyx Wings, and Freya's Cream Wings!

For the cherry on top of this fantastic bargain sundae, take a look at this:

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Open up a box of Fragmented Wings to discover not just one, but a whole BUNDLE of shiny new feathery (or batty) wings and Astra: Whipping Devil Tails in exclusive color-coordinated sets! Use them to accentuate that perfect eerie ensemble, or just to scout around the neighborhood for the best spots to collect candy (look for the houses with the bowls outside- everyone knows that!)

If you're very lucky, you might even win the Rainbow bundle, which contains new exclusive colors and the original Michael and Lucifer's wings!

Stop on by La Victoire to check out these amazing deals before it's too late! This special 20% off sale will be ending on October 21st at 9:59 AM PDT! Don't miss it!

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