Mirika Barefoot
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I'm on YouTube!
As the title says, I'm on YouTube... for like half a second.

RoomieOfficial made a full version of a song he wrote together with JacksFilms once before and fans were allowed to make submissions to appear in it by lipsyncing to the bit of text he gave us.

Here's the video:

*video BB code did not work*

Now I am not going to say which of the 150 fans I am, but I really enjoy this song and I did not know he was going to use the song he and JacksFilms wrote before for another video. It excites me far too much.

There are several other YouTubers in it though. JacksFilms himself, TheThirdPew and TomSka are three others I am subscribed to next to Roomie. LilDeuceDeuce is also great.
If you go to the video's descriptions you can find the other appearing YouTubers.

I think it's amazing. All funds also go to Amnesty International, so all's good. I am probably super biased though.

Alright. I should leave my journal for what it is before I start rambling, cause trust me I can ramble, especially about things I am excited about.