This week had been very interesting indeed. Started working on the new payment gateway, but quickly came across problems connecting to the secure server. Turns out we need to upgrade to a new version of the secure connection protocol. So the work went from installing an interface, to having to upgrade the entire operating system on our web servers in order to support the latest in encryption protocols. But that was a great problem to come across. As it turns out, Paypal will stop supporting the old protocols in two months, so if we don't have the new stuff ready, we won't be able to process payments! So it's a happy accident that we came across this issue now.

Took some time off at night to play the highly anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda. I'm a huge Mass Effect fan, and I can't express how devastated I am with how little they cared to make the characters look decent. I feel like I'm in a wax museum talking to lifeless models when playing this game. Bioware is dead to me now. Such a shame.

So while the new servers are being setup, I started working on a tool to help zOMG players reset their quests so they can unlock stuck quests or reset quests so they can start new. But nothing seems to go according to plan this week. Quickly I found out that the database was old, and doesn't support the high user ID's above 2 billion. What that means is that recent players might have their data scrambled with other players' data. We're updating the quest progress tables tonight (there are 2000 tables to update), and Gaians who joined within 2017 and played zOMG might lose their progress once the database is configured. sad

Not sure if I can write a script to restore those accounts. More detail later. It's gonna be a long day!