Almost every July 4th weekend I had been away because of AX. This year is the first year in many years that I get to stay home, and enjoy fireworks at a local park. Who doesn't love fireworks? Well that would be Strider our German Shepard. He get super scared by fireworks and he figured out how to open our bedroom door just to hide in the bathroom. biggrin

Also got to watch Spiderman Homecoming last week, and it was fantastic! I'm happy that all Spiderman fans get to watch a great Spiderman movie once again.

Last week's emergencies include:

- More android app payment issue - I was 99% done with the new payment gateway but AX happened and the new code was never submitted
- Even more database query problem! - Some inventory queries were still taking way too long to process. Have to do more optimization. Found out that there's a bug with Journal archiving, and it would try to update the archive on every page load. That's another fix that required heavy lifting.
- BBCODE disabled for gifting and friend request notifications - There had been abuse issues where inappropriate or phishing related images had been included with these requests, so it need to be disabled now. This is why we can't have nice things!

In progress:
- New inventory tools - Mainly the ability to sort by name, item networth, and time item is added to inventory. This is a tricky feature for enabling sorting could ruin customized orders that were setup. To sort yet not touch the custom order is possible, but very, very slow for big inventories (20,000+ items). At the end I'll probably need to add some feature to take snapshots of inventories so people can switch back and forth.

- New BBCODE - The requested spoiler tag button and a table feature is in the works, and we are adding a new BBCODE for handling currency. This way if you say "1,000,000,000 gold" it can be displayed as "100 platinum" depending on the receiving party's settings.