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well i haven't logged in here in forever.
i was a former WG regular known as Lithium Peroxide when i was about 14. now i'm 18 19 20 and figured i may as well see what's happening here.

i've finished high school recently.
i enjoy tv shows, movies, video games, books, basically everything your average internet kid likes.
homestuck is great. a lot of other things are great too, so chances are i'm in your fandom.

i like road trips, friend groups, and the sense of belonging.
i apologize too much.

i love cats.

in my free time i pretend i care about MBTI tests way more than i actually do, i pretend i dislike arctic monkeys way more than i actually do, and i pretend i don't wanna go see the fault in our stars mad max fury road hardcore henry suicide squad.

i'm the best portal 2 player i've ever met. let's play custom co-op chambers together.