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Manami Shikai Nara
Age: 15
Birthday: September 22, ten minutes after Shikamaru was born.
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Team: Team 7
Previous Team(s): 8-Man Squad, lead by Kakashi Hatake.
Family: Shikamaru Nara (brother), Shikaku Nara (father), Yoshino Nara (mother)
Crush: Naruto Uzumaki
Rivals: Hinata Hyuga, Sakura Haruno
Personality: Much like Hinata, Manami is to shy to tell Naruto how she truly feels yet she can flirt with him no problem. She is headstrong, and really stubborn. she can be sweet and loving, once in a blue moon. Manami dislikes Sakura due to Naruto's affection towards her. Manami doesn't admit it, but she is kind of envious. Manami is a tomboy that just loves to annoy her older brother, Shikamaru, and his squad, even if Ino does happen to scare the crap out of her... I'll tell you, Manami may seem like a weirdo all around, but in battle she will kick your a** if you mess with her. There is probably only one true thing she fears; Hinata's Gentle Fist jutsu.
Past: During the original "Naruto", Manami was training in the Mist Village, thus learning many water and ice-style jutsu, as well as her vary of Shadow Possession Jutsu, taught to her by her older brother, Shikamaru. Manami returned to Konoha four years later, just after Sasuke ran off to track down Orochimaru. Kakashi found Naruto and Sakura struggling in their ninja missions, due to their lack of a three-man squad. Kakashi figured that Manami would make a great addition to the team, because of her being the best in her clan ((Like Sasuke)) and her wide range of jutsu. When Kakashi introduced Naruto and Sakura their new teammate, Naruto completely forgot about Manami, while Sakura remembered. Manami was crestfallen so she went out to the training field, hoping it would help her take her mind off of things. She meet up with Hinata while out training. They declared their rivalry once again and continued on fighting for Naruto.
Jutsu: Shadow Imitation Technique, Eight Directions Shadow Imitation Technique, Shadow Network Technique, Shadow Shuriken Technique, Shadow Sewing Technique, Shadow Gathering Technique, Shadow Membrane Technique, Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique, Shadow Possession Technique, Shadow Struggle Technique, Ninja Art: Shadow Demon Stripe Technique, 'Shadow Speed Jutsu', 'Shadow Transfer', Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger, Summoning Jutsu ((Summons a small black pig named Alete)), 'Shadow Love', 'Sakyr Shadow', 'Refect Shadow Jutsu', 'Dirty Water Technique', 'Alete Vortex Jutsu' ((Must have summoned Alete)), 'Water Gun', 'Aura Beam', 'Frozen Heart Jutsu'
Kekkai Genkai: Shadow Manipulation
Ninja Rank: Chunnin
Weapon: Shadow Blade