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OC Information
This is the page to find all the information you need to know about my OC, Kyuka. Don't steal my OC, or anything related to that. I will report you.

A note to artists: If I commissioned you, please let me know the status of my art!
I have waited months for some artists and still don't know what happened D:
I am NOT rushing you-- I just want to be updated if you're gonna take a while (like.. months)

R E F E R E N C E pictures:



Please pay attention to:
1. The Hair Best Hair Ref
2. The Hairpins Best HAIRPIN Ref
3. The Boots
4. The Scar on her tummy

B A S I C information:

Full Name: Kyuka Frostfeather
Race: Human
Age: Around 19 years old
Occupation: Ice bandit/Rejected Princess
Height: 5' 2"
Figure type: Petite... rather flat chested. But give her some curves please.. don't make her all stick-like xD
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Purple
Skin Color: Light to Medium peach

P E R S O N A L I T Y information:

Kyuka, who's actual name is Rukarila Demiora, is a short, tomboy-like girl raised in pretty much the wrong family. She is a princess but does not like being one. She rejects the girly things in life and would much prefer action-related activities and solitude in nature. If she were to have the spirit of a goddess in her, it would be Artemis.
She is not easily approachable, and loves to talk back and make sarcastic remarks. This is a major turn-off to her potential suitors... or why she's still unmarried at the ripe old age of 19.

H I S T O R Y and B A C K G R O UN D:

During her 18th birthday, she overheard some higher officials talk about plotting to overthrow the current royal family and implementing their own. Little did she know that it was her father's brother who was plotting to kill her older brother, Xeriel Demiora, who of course knew nothing about this.
As the younger sibling, and a female, Kyuka has literally no power in the family. Being female also has its restrictions in this society, as you are mostly expected to marry off to some rich/powerful suitor for political reasons. She was often seen as a pest by her evil uncle, Polrik, who is also her brother's guardian and adviser. Her brother is rather clueless, and would rather spend his time courting girls than tending to issues. So pretty much, her uncle has control of the powers.
As a person with little power in her family affairs, Kyuka grew frustrated and often escapes by frequently secretly visiting the forest that surrounded the castle, which is a magical forest. The forest is also home to a group of rebellious elves, whom she befriended. They did not know of her status as a princess. There she meets the leader, Zaiel Lih\'thorn.

Kyuka, after getting to know the rebels, eventually decides to join them and officially running away from her home. Although she is missing, her uncle does not notice (at least, not immediately) as he often thinks of her as invisible and not worth paying attention to. By the time he finds out though, she has trained to be a full fledged fighter.

Pose/Expression ideas:
General Bad-a** fighting poses is loved!
Nothing overly sexy.. nothing too bubbly. Something in between?

Staring off into the distance
contemplating deeply
unintentionally cute but tough
serious with a "Don\'t mess" attitude
ready to strike action pose
curious and clumsy
smiling but not too bubbly
Interacting with nature

Characters that inspired her (Would LOVE poses/expressions that are like them):
Chun Li (Streetfighter) - Fighting style, In-battle poses
Lyndis (Fire Emblem) - Fighting style, personality (mostly quiet, but strong willed)
Paine (Final Fantasy 10) - Fighting style, dress style (assassin like outfit)
Rukia (Bleach) - Personality (napoleon complex, tough, very tomboy)
Soi Fon (Bleach) - Fighting style (Very very fast, assassin like)
Neliel (Bleach) - *spolier if you're not up to her in Bleach yet* BAD a** in battle, but can be very cute and childish

Outfit Description

Hairpiece- They are two white flower hairpins, tied together with a blue ribbon. Please make the petals looks flowery and petally, almost like feathers. The ribbons are sort of like those from baos.

Top- This is a purple top, ends a little below the bust. It is tied around the neck with a crossed ribbon. The bottom is lined with a blue and tied at your right side. There is a blue winged crescent moon symbol on the shirt.

Shorts - They match the purple of the top. They are just plain purple shorts, but you are free to add edges, stitches, pockets, etc to it.

Belts- There are TWO belts. They are slanted to your right. The belts are one blue and one white/silver. The order they fall doesn't matter, but it's usually blue on top, and white below it.

Scar- She has a scar on the right side of her tummy. Think of a scar of hero item on gaia. Or a harry potter scar kind of color.

Armbands- The armbands are blue, and there are two white/silver WINGS on them. Try to keep the wings ATTACHED to the actual armband.

Gloves- They are purple, with a white edge on the top and a blue edge on the bottom. You are free to design them however you like, but remember they only cover the lower arm... no hands please.

Boots- These are sort of complicated. The overall color of the boots are PURPLE, but the bottom sole is blue. on the front of the boots is a blue plate armor shield sort of thing. It has a white diagonal cross pattern on it. This "plate" is strapped to the boots on the sides with two blue straps.

Weapon/Attacks info

Weapon of choice: Ice dagger named "Frozen Thorn"
Primary/Signature Attack: Winter's betrayal
Description of attack: The blue lapis lazuli jewel on her dagger glows, and an icy aura emits from it and surrounds the dagger, forming a blizzard that attacks the enemy. Kyuka then charges towards the target with a strike surrounded by a wave of icy thorns.

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