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This is a list of everyone who has EVER donated to me, from when I started in 2004 until now.


t0nya (donated in 2004)
A million kisses, hearts, hugs, and snuggles go out to t0nya, who has donated over 10,000 in gold to my Maid's quest and the following items:

- 19th birthday present!

She also buys me sealed envelopes when I am poor.

[ Hiroko ] (donated in 2004)
Roko was the one who first got me into gaia. She's donated me some gold (I cannot remember the amount -_-) and a few items:

Lady Nightstar (donated in 2005)
I met this lovely lady on myspace and she donated a dress to me that she no longer wears. It was too sweet. ^__^

Anonymous Benefactors (donated in 2006)
There are all of the anonymous gifts I've been given. I want to thank every single person who gave me a gift here, as I can't thank you personally. February 12th, 2006 was a day when the GCD went crazy and everyone was giving out random gifts to everyone else.

ABrandNewMe (donated in 2006)
10,000 Gold! Thank you!

Making Miracles Charity (donated in 2006)
10,000 Gold! My first charity donation ever. ^__^ Thanks!

Gold for Grammar Charity (donated in 2006)
2,500 Gold! Thank you!

Supernatural Desires Charity (donated in 2006)
1,000 Gold! Thank you!

JadedEye (donated in 2006)
20,000 Gold! Thank you!

chiisai_usagi (donated 11.19.07)
10,000 Gold! O_O and the following items:

Freelance Sloth (donated on 11.19.07)

kooldickiesgurl96 at the ~*Secret Angels Charity*~ (donated 11.20.07)
200 tickets!

Shortcuts from Shortcuts the Charity (donated 11.21.07)
1,000 Gold!

Mr. Ace (donated on 11.22.07 - Thanksgiving!)

The Insect Fairy (donated on 12. 03.07)
Cricket & 10 gold! Thank you for the little friend!

GCD Elf 311 (donated 12.04.07 with the message "Thank you for supporting the elves!")

Anonymous benefactor (donated on 12.04.07 with the message "THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. No, it actually isn't.")
O_O How did you know?!

Devil Winged Angil (donated on 12.04.07 with the message "Happy early birthday smilies/icon_whee.gif")

Broken Elf 222 (donated on 12.04.07 for "holly-days and birthday!)
! Thanks!

GCD Elf 427 (donated on 12.04.07 with the message "Merry Fishmas, from the Kraken-Elf. ;3 *clacks beak*")

GCD Elf 533 (donated on 12.04.07 with the message "Thank you for not hating elves. 533 has luverly present for you! Merry Christmas!")

GCD_Drow (donated on 12.05.07 with the message "When the drow conquer the land of Gaia, some Gaians will be chosen to rule over the others. Consider yourself superior.")

BlasphemousSanctuary (donated on 12.25.07)

An Anonymous Benefactor (donated on 12.30.07 with the message "I made it with love! Happy (slightly late) Birthday my Love!")

daleked (donated on February of 2007)

rio_kid (donated on 12.20.08 )
500 Gold!

XxJaded_MemoriesxX (donated on 12.20.08 )

yuki-wentz (donated on 12.20.08 )
57 Gold!

Anonymous (donated on 12.20.08 )

goofball544 (donated on 12.20.08 )

NinjaFerret (donated on 12.20.08 )

wrongfully banned. smilies/icon_crying.gif (donated on 12.20.08 )

DINO kiddo_ (donated on 12.20.08 )

givenglory (donated on 12.20.08 )

Emo Music Lovurr (donated on 12.20.08 )

AhiaouReiMasuta (donated on 12.20.08 )

Fritzi Dirty Ink (donated on 12.20.08 )

Anonymous Benefactor (donated on 12.20.08 )

militarymomma (donated on 12.23.10)