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I would give up everything for those around me who are less fortunate then I. As long as I stay here I will never get a chance to help.

To the sick, I would find a cure for your illness.
To the thirsty, I would dig till you had water.
To the starving, I would spend every dime till you had your fill.
To the dying, I would give your last request.
To the cold, I would give you all my warmth.
To the lonely, I would keep you company.
To the weak, I would give you all my strength.
To the sad, I would tell you every joke.
To the ones without hope, I would tell you about God.
To the blind, I would give my eyes.
To the deff, I would give my ears.
To the mute, I would give my voice.
To the scared, I would give you comfort.
To the beaten, I would take ever ounce of pain.
To the illiterate, I would teach you everything I know.
To the unloved, I would give all my affection.

Even if this brought me to my end I would die joyful as long as I brought happiness.