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november 8th
today was a horid day...last night was the last night of my play, so the hole cast went out to eat. it was real fun, ((i even got to have little sippes of alcahol)). when we left i was little in lala land, but my mom kicked me out of it with the news that my cousen died. I had a spaz attack. John Dotts ((my coz)) was going hunting with his friend and his car swerved off of the rode and both him and his friend died within the amount of time it took for some one to find the car. his death was on friday, my mom didn`t want to tell me till the play was over, today my grandma took me out to see a movie and go shoping, coz i was up to 11:30 last night crying so i skiped school. we went to see the grouge, don`t see that movie, it really suxed... smilies/icon_stare.gif. and then she took me to media play, where i got some comics.... in all i don`t no what to do i`m hoping my friends will help me cheer up smilies/icon_xd.gif