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Izzy's Gaia Time
Welcome Izzy Shae , your Gaia Gold: What?!? Nothing!? God you pathetic loser....
Links I am hanging on to.
Spring Fling 2014

Free Item Grants page

A page about Gaia items that accent the chest etc

Granted items (2012)

Gaia vs Nyx
So I picked my side Gaia vs Nyx and designed an Avi, just in case there is an event.
Here is what I came up with. Alright Gaia, bring it on!

Outfit: Spring Fling 2014
Well, because Gaia doesn't have the ability to save more outfits, I am now going to journal ideas so i can recreate them later. So for Spring Fling 2014 I decided I needed to put something together.Initially I took my white and Gold outfit and modified it to a solid white outfit.



I enjoyed my Modified white, but then I wanted a change... there was way too much white floating around, so I decided to go RED

Original Red Vamp

I love the avi, but... eh not for Spring Fling. So then I tried a new look.

Black, Red, and Gold

It was nice... but no where near as formal as I wanted it. So one more Tweak and the Spring Fling 2014 outfit was born.

Spring Fling 2014

I was personally a fan of all of them, but the final Spring Fling look was my favorite, and now you can replicate it. Have fun!

Being a creeper
So, I decided to create a creepy Halloween avi for the first time in... years?
(You will notice the same trend in journal entries on here.)
So I went through all my items, and came up with....

Terrifying right? I thought so.
So I then went to Virtual Hollywood to creep around. Here, in picture form, is the sum of my adventures.

Well, this is going well already!

Also, I take no responsibility for other players' names.It wasn't planned and I don't know this person.
Just thought it was a funny coincidence..

Happy Halloween!
I'll post a picture of my cute outfit later.

Happy Easter
Gettin Bunnies smilies/icon_xd.gif

Market Fun
So, on Monday 9/6/10, i single handedly raised the price of the unibrow from 2k to 10 k.... I was the only one selling it.
" I am altering the deal. Pray that I don't alter it any further" -Vader-

A little warning from Izzy (No time for ****ers)
The problem with GD is that most of the people in GD are ages 10 to 16 and think they are very special (*Sarcasm* Oh they're special...). So much so that your life doesn't matter because they are "promie" and thus we should kiss their post and worship their replies....

May I be the first to ***** smack someone and say:
__"Wake up you self centered ****er, the world isn't all about you..."__

I guess right now I have a very short fuse (Normally I am a very level headed, kind, and caring person…), but I’m tired of these little punks telling me this stupid crap that would never fly off the web. They think they can’t really hurt people because this world (net) isn't really "real".

Unfortunately... it's real because the people you are talking to aren't NPC's or IGC's, they are someone's baby, family, loved one and a lot are being cyber bullied to the brink of death and beyond.

Basically, it all comes down to this....

I am Izzy Shae; I am a real person,
and I am telling all the heartless punks and nooblits to stay the **** away
because I don’t have any time for you...
I don’t want to hear the Bull that spews from your dirty little mouths,
or the lies that spill off that ugly tongue of yours....
I hate the way you treat people
I hate that you don’t care
I hate the way you destroy self esteem
I hate that you don’t care
I hate the way you destroy lives
and truly I hate the fact that you don’t care...
Is that clear enough for all of you?!

Izzy Shae
Community Member
Izzy Shae
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