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Ava's Not-So-Private Journal of Wordiness Exactly what it sounds like - a quasi-private place for me to dump any information and thoughts that I don't wanna waste precious Profile space gabbing about. I might post stories here, too, if I feel like it.

Avaline Corvidae
Community Member
Avaline Corvidae RPC
Avaline “Ava” Corvidae

Vampire, formerly human

Sixteen going on 135.

Scotland – her surname was Dunning, until she had it changed.


98 lbs.

Characteristic Song:
Fear a Bhata


Elfin and fun-sized would be ideal words to use when attempting to describe Avaline’s general body shape. Her bust is not exceptionally generous for her size, but it does catch some eyes, and her thin waist complements her form quite nicely. Her hair, usually done up in a complex side tail, is black as jet, with a trail of excess hair that reaches down to her butt. Her facial features are generally pleasing, if slightly off, and they're generally accented with violet lipstick. Most would even say she's comely, in fact, if it weren't for the physical corruption vampirism has wrought upon her features.

Her skin is as lifeless and pale as a porcelain doll, with no blemishes or marks to be found anywhere. Her cheeks are unnaturally hollow. Her eyes were a beautiful cerulean blue; now they're ruby red, and have sunken and developed dark circles. They reflect none of the warmth and humanity they used to, instead projecting an air of feral savagery. And her fangs never retract, ensuring that her smile will never again be a pleasant and reassuring sight.

Avaline's wardrobe varies greatly, depending mostly on her mood and the setting, although she usually pairs a purple miniskirt with torn black stockings and boots. Short-shorts and tiny tube tops aren't that uncommon when she wants to go for a daring look. When she's feeling less daring, she'll wear either a tank top with spaghetti straps and a lavender graphic resembling a set of fangs, or a sleeveless t-shirt with a knot tied at one of the bottom corners, bearing a lavender sun graphic and a pentagram neckline. She always wears a black sweater on a cold day, especially when it's rainy or snowy, and chillier weather often brings with it a pair of leather pants paired with heels. These aren't the only options at her disposal by any means, and she will wear a black gown and corset ensemble in settings with a formal dress code, as much as she hates having to dress formally.

She frequently wears long gloves and almost always wears a hair pin shaped like a skull-and-crossbones when she isn't wearing a hat. Neckwear is almost never worn unless she's wearing a costume that calls for it, and it's always a choker or a collar. Her only other frequent accessory is an insulated handbag shaped like a coffin, which carries all of her daily essentials - including an IV blood bag, in case she needs to "eat" on the go that day.

Avaline is generally quiet and keeps to herself, and often seems altogether bored with the world around her, judging by how she doesn't smile that much. That’s not to say she isn’t good company once she warms up to you. If you’re lucky enough to be on friendly terms with her, you’ll find that she is a very invested and loyal individual with a few odd quirks. She’s very good at nursing grudges, though, and regaining her trust usually isn't very easy.


Super strength: Avaline is substantially stronger than a human. She doesn’t have to worry about preserving energy, as she is undead, so she can perform feats of strength that would be impossible for most humans, like lifting a fully-stocked refrigerator.

Super speed: She’s also capable of moving much faster than humans can.

Super reflexes: Ava is far more agile than any human, and she has excellent fine motor dexterity. The primary benefit of this is that it prevents her from running too fast to stop, as she usually prefers not to get embroiled in fights.

Heightened senses: Ava has better senses of hearing and smell than a living human does; she can also see up to fifty yards away in the dark.

Heightened stamina: Ava can keep going for far longer than any living human, to the point where it's practically impossible to tire her out unless you also have superhuman amounts of stamina. That doesn't mean she never needs to sleep; she just doesn't need to do so as often as living humans do.

Healing Factor: Ava can heal from nearly any wound except decapitation and being impaled through the heart on a wooden stake, and she doesn't need to use antiseptics. She can even regenerate lost tissue, but her healing factor makes performing surgery on her extremely difficult. This also makes it harder to ensure that bone fractures heal right, which means her bones usually have to be broken at least twice. Cuts, abraisons, and bruises aren’t even considered injuries due to how well she can heal, and staking her is made difficult by the presence of her ribcage.

Shapeshifting: Ava can transform into a raven.


Avaline's greatest strength is her determination. Once she has set her sights on a particuliar course of action, nothing short of destruction will be able to prevent her from reaching her objective. This is sometimes a double-edged sword because her greatest weakness is her inability to consistently make the best choices for herself, which means her determination can and has caused Ava to make self-destructive decisions.


Her greatest weakness is her impulsiveness and her inability to judge what course of action is in her best interests. As mature and sensible as her choices often are, she is still the same sixteen-year-old girl she was when she was turned, with all the determination and poor judgement that comes with the territory. As a consequence of this, she sometimes pursues self-destructive courses of action with strong, single-minded determination.

She has some of the traditional vampire weaknesses. Garlic, for one, as well as anything described as either holy or blessed. It takes a tremendous effort of willpower to control her thirst if she smells blood, and the longest she can go without it before attacking people is two full days. Sunlight isn't fatal or even mildly irritating, however, and she does have a reflection. She has no obsessive-compulsion with counting spilled rice grains, running water won't even slow her down, and she doesn't need an invitation to cross a threshold - she just never enters without an invitation as a formality, because coming in uninvited is just rude.

She also can't use her shapeshifting during the day, and whichever form she was in at dawn is the form she'll be stuck in until dusk. Her other shapeshifting limitations have to do with how she became a vampire, which was via a bite, like most others. Those who turn solely from a bite can only choose one animal to turn into, and it takes years of practice and encyclopedic knowledge of the chosen animal's biology. Vampires who turned because of a curse laid upon them by witches or demonic powers are very rare and very powerful, and one of the reasons for that is that they can freely choose any animal they want and get a shortcut on all of that studying.

Background story:

"My name is Avaline Corvidae - formerly Avaline Dunning, Ava for short. I live in Barton, and I own and operate a local candle shop, Wykid Wyx. I also pull in a steady amount of gold by selling cursed items or objects used in dark rituals on the side, but the only way you'll be getting the really dangerous stuff out of me is if you're acting on behalf of a museum or one of my handful of private collectors who can be trusted to keep it safely under lock and key.

You may have noticed, but I'm not exactly alive. I'm a vampire. I'm probably very different from the vampires you're used to seeing, though. I don't have grey eyes, for one thing, and my skin is a fair bit paler. There's a reason for that: I'm not from Gaia. I'm from another planet where the curse of vampirism comes from an entirely different set of sources, in two flavors.

First, there's vanilla bloodsuckers like me, who fell under the curse because of an infectious bite. We're little more than humans with a little something extra who need to drink blood to survive. And then, there's the rare and very powerful ones, who came back via necromantic curses laid by vengeful witches, or deals with demons. Those vamps also get a lot of cool powers as a package deal, like turning into mist and the ability to command packs of wolves, but at the steep price of losing their soul forever.

Losing your soul turns you fundamentally evil, and incurs a hefty range of uncommon weaknesses that tip the scales in favor of experienced vampire hunters. While it is tragic when it happens just because you got on a witch's bad side, the end result is still the same: You end up as a soulless abomination, piloted by something that isn't really you. There's nothing that can be done about the situation, and odds are good you won't even notice or care because you aren't the person you were in life anymore.

Back in my old world, I lived in a coastal fishing town named McDougal's Harbor. It's in the northwest corner of the Scottish Highlands, separated from the Isle of Lewis by a strait called the Minch. It was the late 19th century, and I was the heiress of the Dunning estate. My family wasn't royalty or even nobility, but my granddad was a peerless fishing magnate who made my father, Alexander Dunning, rich enough to win the hand of the love of his life, Beatrice Carlisle, heiress of an old money estate that was distantly related to the House of Windsor.

When I came of age, it was expected of me that I'd choose a wealthy suitor to help curate the family fortune. Instead, I had my eyes on a burly blue-collar fisherman who worked for our family. My parents didn't approve of my choice, but what did I care? It was a story of two star-crossed lovers; a tale lifted from a steamy penny novel, a production of Romeo and Juliet playing out in real life. Of course, if you actually know anything about that play, you'd know it's not the best romance story to draw a comparison from, and the romance between me and my own Romeo had an eerily similar ending.

The man I fell in love with was not the kind of man I thought he was, as I discovered one night when I snuck out to seek him out at a tavern I knew he liked to frequent, in a hamlet a little ways down the coast. When I found him there, he was with another, saying every word he'd whispered to me when we were together, words I thought were mine alone to hear. I went home heartbroken, with him pursuing me to the edge of that hamlet desperately making all kinds of excuses along the way. I didn't see him again until a week later, when he showed up on our doorstep begging for his job. Dad wasn't impressed, and promptly fired him.

I won't make any excuses for what I did next, but I was too hurt by the heartbreak to want to go on living. I left McDougal's Harbor on a rail to Edinburgh, where, in my grief, I planned to hang myself. I nearly did it too, but at the last moment, I was rescued by a stranger. I was angry with him at first, but then we shared our stories, and I came to pity him as a kindred spirit. Two hundred years before, he fell in love and was left disappointed and heartbroken, just as I had been. He also tried to take the pain away for good, and was also rescued.

When I asked him what I could do to ease the pain, he gave me a choice: move on and live the best life I could, or spend eternity as a vampire in the hopes that something would come along that could help me forget the heartbreak. I was just young and stupid enough to make the choice I did, which I now know was the worst one I could have ever made. My rescuer felt the same way about it as I've come to, and abandoned me to figure things out on my own.

After taking some time to get used to the changes and learn everything I could about my new life from vampires I met passing through Edinburgh, I struck out into the wider world, just to occupy my limitless well of time with wandering as so many others of my kind do. I crossed paths with other vampires sometimes, and on occasion, I'd take a few days off from traveling to settle down amongst an established nest before moving on again. I even went back to McDougal's Harbor after several years to find out what changed since I left, for closure.

I learned that my parents found out where I was headed and why I was going there. They sent people to look all over Edinburgh for any signs of me, but, of course, I was never found. They called off the search with heavy hearts after it proved fuitless, and held a well-attended memorial service where plenty of tears were shed, having concluded that I had died and been buried as an unknown nobody. They had another child about a year later to fill the void I left, a son they named William. I imagine he would have inherited the fortune and made a nice family with a nice woman, but I never bothered to find out.

I also heard that my ex-lover became an embittered drunk who passed away of an apparent suicide. He was found floating in a nearby river five years before my triumphant return after he lept into the water during a biting winter night. I guess that means I got the last laugh, for all that it's worth. I left and never went back after that; I was too ashamed and disgusted with myself to bear sticking around, and vampires have to fly under the radar anyway, which would be pretty hard to do if you run into someone you know who's old enough to remember what you looked like.

I lived through an entire century and some change, filled with memorable events both wonderful and terrible. The worst economic crisis in world history and the Golden Age of aviation occurred in the same time frame, and they were sandwiched between two wars that shook the world like none that had ever come before. A man set foot on the moon for the first and only time in history, which occurred shortly before another man was assassinated in a city called Dallas, Texas. After that came a long series of armed disputes in developing parts of the world, which gave way to movements started by extremists who wanted to spread their religious views through fear and aggression. And through it all, technology was constantly exploding in ways that everyone I knew in life would have thought impossible.

As exciting as it all sounds, I got so bored of everything I saw that I eventually searched for a way out midway through the first decade of the new millenium. In the year 2007, a way out presented itself in the form of a goddess of nature - this world's patron goddess and namesake, in fact, Gaia. Her counterpart in my world had been observing me for some time, and he believed I should be invited to this world as an emissary, which is exactly what Gaia did. I was floored when I heard just what kind of world I was invited to live in. The exact same level of tech, coexisting openly and seamlessly with blatant magic? Of course I wanted in on that, and so here I am.

I witnessed a lot of things, both great and terrible, in this world, too, but I’m no longer a lonely stranger wandering wherever the wind takes her. I no longer have to be a solitary hunter of man who wears sunglasses to hide her red eyes, because of how openly I can exist as I am. I eventually dropped my old surname some time after coming to the world of Gaia, and took up the name Avaline Corvidae - a name that means Desired Crow, so chosen because I can transform into a raven.

Still, I can’t help but hum an old song penned in my homeland every now and again. It’s an aria, penned in Scots Gaelic by another woman that had been in a relationship with a fisherman roughly a hundred years before I was born. She got a happy ending, though; her man married her after he realized what he was doing to her, mine didn’t. And when I hum that song, I can’t help but wonder whether I’d have gotten a happy ending myself, if he’d only been a better man."

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