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FAQ Session 1 - Catfish and vampires and cosplaying, oh my!
Hello, and thanks in advance for making questions easier for me to answer by reading this FAQ entry. You're awesome for that.

The questions will be posted as firebrick red text highlighted by bold inflation, while my answers will be silvery-grey italic text. I may go back and change the answer color to something else if I field enough complaints about it being too bright, but here’s hoping I won’t have to.

You’re a catfish, aren't you? What do you get out of it?

I went over this already on my profile's About Me section. I'm not a catfish because I'm not trying to be deceptive; being dishonest about who they are is a key part of what makes a catfish a catfish. I'm not a girl, which I'm honest about, and I'm certainly not interested in playing games with your head or your heart, which I'm also honest about. Besides, I would have to be a very special kind of stupid and cocky to assume the people I interact with couldn't figure it out, because outing a catfish is usually as simple as copying the image address of the picture they're using and then using Paste and go to dig up the personal site or blog of whoever they stole the picture from.

What keeps you coming to Gaia? You mentioned on your profile that you were sixteen when you joined, and you've got to be in your mid-twenties by now if that's really the case.

I know how lame it sounds, but Gaia is still my one last remaining means of social networking on the internet. I don't do skype, twitter, tumblr, or facebook because they're pointless and wouldn't actually help you keep up with old friends and pen pals you'll probably forget about in about five years, and message boards and social media in the general vein of LiveJournal just aren't relevant anymore, to say nothing of myspace. And there's other things about this site that I honestly believe make sticking around worthwhile. I dunno if I'll be here until the last day the site is up, but I'd like to be.

Is it alright to ask where you live?

Sure, down to a certain level of resolution. I live in Tucson, Arizona, in the United States. I’m not going to give out my street address or anything else that can personally identify me, because I’m not interested in being found and visited IRL through Gaia. If you believe you’ve met me offline, please keep it to yourself or only share it with me privately.

Your avatar is very pale. Is she supposed to be a vampire or something?

Yes. Plenty of people confuse her for a zombie, which I have trouble understanding. Twilight Saga fans will, doubtless, be disappointed to hear Ava doesn't sparkle, and that I think the franchise in its entirety is mediocre, although I wouldn't go so far as to say I hate it. It's just not my thing, is all.

You’re cosplaying as Bayonetta/Joie Toriko/Domino/Alucard/GlaDOS/Some other character, aren’t you?

The answer is usually no. Not consciously, anyway. I have this bizarre tendency to somehow bear a strong resemblance to a character someone else recognizes. Regardless of whether or not I'm familiar with this character, or even the franchise they're from, someone always comes to the conclusion that I'm cosplaying as that character. I'm not saying everyone does this or that they're never right, but it's just an observation, one that I dub the Joie Postulate as a response to one of the weirder instances of this I personally experienced, which involved Joie from Toriko:

"If your avatar bears even the faintest resemblance to any character from any franchise, someone, somewhere, will assume you're cosplaying."

That's all for this FAQ session, but don't be afraid to ask me questions. If you found this informative and enjoyable, and want to ask more, there may well be another FAQ or general Q&A entry in the near future.