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Hello all to my journal of death. I'm into naruto, inuyasha, cowboy bebop, bleach, blood plus, trinidy blood, samiuari 7, and more animes. My favorite card game is Magic The Gathering. If you play the game, maybe me and you should duel some time.
Cursed: Snow Land Castle

The sun rose up again, another day starting in this snow land.
I woke up, in a house that wasn't mine, in a bed that belonged to my friend.
Where was she?
That is right.
She went to a party in a castle that was a good lengths away from here.
I hope she had fun.
I sat up and got out of bed, groggy and still in the sleepy state.
I rubbed my eyes to clear the vision, only to be greeted by two signs.
One on the ground with a stick supporting it, one hanging on the wall.
The one on the ground said, "Walk forward to the Castle".
The one on the wall read, "Just walk forward".
I didn't understand it, but something didn't feel right.
I had to go get my friend.
My heart told me... it was time to leave.
But I won't leave her here in this snow land.
I opened the door, snow slowly falling to the ground and obscured my vision.
Where was I going?
To the castle.
I'm going to rescue my friend.

I start walking forward, my feet sinking into the snow.
I couldn't see anything that far ahead of me, the snow had started falling faster.
Hours have past since the last time I spoke to her.
I remember clearly what we last said to each other.
We were having a bit of a fallout.
Now that I think about it, our subject in question was rather ridiculous.
She was always such free spirited and loved going anywhere and everywhere that interested her.
I, on the other hand, just wanted to stay home, or at least stay inside the little house we made out here.
We seemed to butt heads a lot while we hung out, but I just couldn't seem to leave her side, and by the looks of it neither could she leave mine.
Now she was gone, and I didn't know if she was still in the castle or somewhere else.
I doubt it though.
She was adventurous, but she wouldn't leave without telling me where to find her.
I was worried, scared even.
I had to move forward.
Through the snow.
Through this bleak land of bitter coldness.

It has been a few minutes now, the cold was starting to n** at my skin now.
I started to see something through the snow, a large grey wall.
That must of been the front of the castle.
I was nearly there, but as I got closer, it felt as though I was beginning to walk slower.
The ground beneath the snow felt as though it was now grabbing at my shoes, pulling me in like quick sand.
This was strange for sure, but I had to keep going forward.
For her.

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