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Maybe it's not me... Maybe it's you.
This Is Me.... Take It, Or Leave It.
...::The Ultimate Myspace Survey::...

Full name?::: Emily R. M. W.
Like your name?::: No
Named after anyone?::: I don't know
Any nicknames?::: Weeks, boo, Emmy, Aunty Em...
Male or Female?::: Imma female
Eye color?::: Blue... of course
Hair color?::: Blonde-brown
Height?::: 5'6"
Birthdate?::: Dec. 2
Birthplace?::: Orange County, Florida
Time you were born?::: 11:43
Age?::: 15 going on 16
Shoe size?::: 6 1/2 to 8
Heritage?::: to many to name
Graduating year?::: 2012
Zodiac sign?::: Sagittarius
Righty or lefty?::: Righty
Current location?::: My house
Concert?::: Can't remeber
Best friend?::: A person
Crush?::: lol...maybe
Pet?::: Flowers
Sport?::: Dance
Are your parents still together?::: yep
Do you have any siblings?::: 6
Moms name?::: Jessy
Dads name?::: John
Do you have any step parents?::: no
If so, what are thier names?::: none
Is your family important to you?::: eh...
...::Relationships...Past, Present and Future::...<3
Are you in a relationship?::: kinda sorta....its complicated
Whats the name of your boyfriend, girlfriend or crush?::: smilies/icon_smile.gif
Do you like being taken os single?::: Depends on my mood... Single is FUN... Taken is comfy
How many ex's have you had?::: i don't like calling them 'ex's... but a couple
Whats the longest relationship you've ever had?::: 3 years
Do you wanna get married?::: of course
Do you want kids?::: Always
If so, how many?::: 4 always an even number maybe 6... no middle child
Color?::: all of them
Food?::: chips and Con Queso sauce..mmmm.. and Skittles
Drink?::: Dr. Pepper, Water, Coffee, energy drinks
Song?::: Love Remains the Same - Gavin Rossdale, and Zombie - The Cranberries!!!!
Season?::: Spring, Summer, and winter....i love snow
Month?::: July
Animal?::: turtle, Koala, Panda, Penguin, Tiger
Place to be?::: In....Your room..In... your closet
Movie?::: Public Enimies (: it is sweetness... Castanova tehe
Car?::: mustang
Type of music?::: any... but country
Band or singer?::: Yiruma
TV show?::: The Nanny
TV channel?::: WYCW
Radio station?::: 95.1, 93.7, 93.3, 96.1
Thing to do?::: "Hang out"
Non alcoholic drink?::: awww... no alcohol? lol
Holiday?::: 4th of July
Sport?::: Football
Place to shop?::: A store
Clothing brand?::: the kind you wear
Restaurant?::: Olive Garden... Miccy D's is good too.
Fruit?::: Mango
Vegetable?::: Brocili
Fast food restaurant?::: Miccy D's
Pizza topping?::: Pineapple and Ham
Ice cream flavor?::: all of them
Magazine?::: YM
City?::: Boulder
Number?::: 7, 3, 27, 21, 47.
Snack?::: Skittles
Cereal?::: Fuity Pebbles, or Fruit Loops
Sport to watch?::: Football, Gymnastics, Swinning, Dance
...::Have You Ever::...<3
Been in love?::: Yes
Smoked?::: maybe
Been on a plane?::: no
Been out of state?::: yes
Been out of the country?::: no... but i want to
Driven a car?::: yes!
Sky dived?::: I wish
Bungee jumped?::: almost
Swam in the ocean?::: yes
Been kissed?::: yes
Broken someone's heart?::: yes
Had your heart broken?::: yes
Liked someone who didnt like you back?::: eh...
Broken a bone?::: i don't think so...
Lost your house keys?::: yes
Had surgery?::: i guess
Had an X-ray or MRI?::: Yes
Failed a class?::: nope not yet
...::This or That::...<3
day or night?::: night
flowers or candy?::: CANDY!!! I <3 meh skittles
coffee or tea?::: both
sun or moon?::: moon
funny movie or scary movie?::: a funny scary movie
pizza or burger?::: Depends on witch one has the Con Queso sauce
chocolate or vanilla?::: both
pepsi or coke?::: pepsi
hot or cold?::: good question...I'm hott
black or white?::: both
dog or cat?::: dog
french fries or onion rings?::: which one has Con Queso
pepperoni or sausage?::: pepperoni
McDonalds or Burger King?::: Miccy D's
Canada or Mexico?::: Canada and Mexico
hugs or kisses?::: both smilies/icon_smile.gif
movies or TV?::: movies
truth or dare?::: Dare
cake or ice cream?::: ice cream
love or money?::: lovely money
ocean or lake?::: ocean
light or dark?::: light
country or city?::: City
rain or sunshine?::: A Sunny Rain
Do you think youre trustworthy?::: yes
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?::: 3
How does your hair look?::: spiffy
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?::: i... i...don't think so
Do you prefer the lights on or off?::: off
Do you like your laugh?::: yeah
Ever had a bloody nose?::: yes
Have you ever caught a fish?::: yes!!! 10 puond bass woot
What time do you go to bed?::: whenever I fall asleep
Do you like to give or receive?::: both
Do you own a blender?::: yes.....?
Do you like snow?::: lots and lots
Ever been up a mountain?::: yes
Do you like surprises?::: of course
...::The Opposite Sex::...<3
First thing you notice?::: eyes
Personality or looks?::: both
Hair color?::: any
Eye color?::: brown, blue, maybe blue-green too
Short or tall?::: any
Romantic or spontaneous?::: romantically spontanious
Sense of humor or sweet?::: humor
Hook up or relationship?::: depends on my mood
Feeling?::: bored
Listening to?::: Boom Boom Pow
Doing besides typing?::: listening to music
Thinking about?::: how to answer this question
In love?::: maybe
Single?::: hard to say...tehe (:
Best friends?::: I <3 them
...::The Future::...<3
Career?::: photography
Marriage?::: not yet
Kids?::: hopefully
...::Last 10 Questions::...<3
Who do you miss right now?::: >.> people...T.R.
When was the best day of your life?::: haha thats classified Information
When was the worst day of your life?::: to many to choose form
Do you believe in soul mates?::: sometimes
Whats your worst fear?::: not taking risks... but spiders scare me too...
Do u believe in ghosts?::: yes
If you could be with anyone right now who would it be?::: take a guess
If you could go back in time how many things would you change?::: nothing...i don't have regrets, everything happens for a reason
Do you have a screen name?::: yes
If so what is it?::: Weeks, Boo(old nickname), Lemon N Lime, Shirtless Skittles (:

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